Monday, September 5, 2011

Business Directory (under construction)

*For more information and pictures, click on store names. 
*If Dialing from a non Grenadian Phone (Lime, Digicel) dial 1+473 and 7 digit number. 

1.  Grocery Stores
2.  Shopping Stores
3.  Hardware Stores
4.  Pharmacies
5.  Banks
6.  Restaurants
7.  Airport
8.  Hospitals
9.  Animal Clinic

10. Movie Rentals
11. Stationary
12. Pediatricians
13. Dentist
14. Notary, fax, copy, and scanning services. (note: You can also send faxes in the West Wing of the SGU library (the section on the right hand side where reference books are located). 
15. Local Post Office, DHL, and FedEx
16. Unisex Hair Salon
17. Taxis
18. American Embassy in Grenada 

1.  Grocery Stores:
Real Value IGA 
-Location:  in Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse. From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus.  Press the stop button right after you pass the soccer field.  Bus stops in back of IGA. 
-Hours:  M-Th 8am-9pm, F-Sa 8am-10pm, and Sun 10am-7pm
-Phone:  (473) 439-2121. 
-IGA Facebook Page

Food Fair 

-Location:  In the Grand Anse Shopping Center across the street from Scotia Bank. 1/4 mile from IGA ~2 blocks down towards Saint George's.  SGU Mont Tout bus stops in front of Foodfair. Just let the bus driver know where you want to go and he'll show you the bus stop.
-Hours:  M-Th 8am-7pm and F-Sa 8am-8pm.  Closed Sundays
-Phone: (473) 444-4573
CK's Super Value 
-Location:  Up around the corner from Texaco walking towards the roundabout. From school take the Grand Anse bus.  Bus stops in front of Texaco.
-Hours:  M-Th 9am-5:30pm and F-Sa 9am-7pm.  Closed Sundays.
-Phone: (473) 444-1800.

Bulk Buy Frozen Foods

-Location:  About halfway down Maurice Bishop Highway towards SGU.  From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus and tell the bus drive you want to go to Buy Bulk. He will stop at the nearest bus stop. 
-Hours: M-F 8am-5pm; Sa 8am-2pm; Su closed
-Phone: (473) 440-2956 or (473) 440-2402

MNIB Val-U Garden
-Location: Excel Plaza, Grand Anse, St. George's.  The big orange complex halfway between CK's Super Valu and Le Marquis Complex.  From school, take the grand anse bus and ask the bus drive to stop in front of excel plaza (1 min away from texaco towards IGA)
-Hours: M-Sa 8am-6pm; Su 9am-12pm
-Phone: (473) 439-3353  Mobile: (473) 418-0869

Meat and Meat
-location inside of the True Blue Pharmacy 
-They have meats, frozen fish (including sashimi grade tuna for sushi), some local produce and frozen meals. 
-At times they have samples including roast beef, ham, capicola, pate and some of their meals. 
-hours are M-F, 4pm-7pm; Sa 9am-5pm.

2.  Shopping Centers
Excel Plaza
-Location: Halfway in Between CK's and Le Marquis "round houses." Big Orange Complex. Take the Grand Anse Bus from SGU and stop at Texaco.  Walk up around the corner towards IGA. Building will be on right hand side. 

List of Stores in complex:

Chef's Castle Cafeteria- Local food. Roti, local baked breads, pizza.

MNIB Val-U Garden
Hours: M-Sa 8am-6pm; Su 9am-12pm
Phone: (473) 439-3353  Mobile: (473) 418-0869

Body Image Gym

Mitchell's Pharmacy 
Hours: M-Sa 8am-6pm; Su 9am-12noon
Phone: (473) 439-9355

Cuddles- Baby store
Hours: M-Sa 10am-6pm

Presents Too - Gifts, toys, board games, book store, greeting cards
Hours: M-Sa 10am-7pm

Movie Palace

-Location: Grand Anse. From SGU terminal, take grand anse bus. Bus stops in front of Spiceland Mall. 
-Hours vary from store to store. Click heading for more information on all stores located in mall.

-Location: Saint George's. Take SGU Grand Anse Bus and get off at Texaco.  Walk up around the corner to local bus stop. take #1 St. George's to last stop. pay 2.50EC
-Hours:  M-Sa 7am-7pm; Su Closed unless there is a cruise ship in port

*Location: Le Marquis Shopping Center. Grand Anse, Grenada, West Indies.
*Directions: Take the Grand Anse bus from SGU campus. After making a sharp turn next grass field(close to IGA), Le Marquis will be on your immediate left. Push stop button as soon as you see a grass field. Bus stops in front on Le Marquis (Round Houses).

Grand Anse Shopping Centre                                                                                                                  
-Location: Grand Anse.  From SGU, take the Mont Tout bus.  Stop in front of Food Fair and Scotia Bank.

Stars Party Supplies

Rick's Cafe

Hubbards Hardware and Garden

Food Fair

3.  Hardware Stores:
L.A. Purcell's Store
-Location: in Saint George's on Granby Street. Take SGU Grand Anse Bus to Texaco. Walk up around corner to local bus stop. Take #1 to Saint George's to last stop.  Facing bus terminal, turn left towards grocery store. Walk straight until you see Esplanade Mall on right. That same street, make a left. Store will be on right.
-Phone: main office (473) 440-2438; hardware (473) 435-4072; furniture (473) 440-2084

-Location: Grand Anse Shopping Centre (Foodfair). Take the L'Anse Aux Epines bus from SGU and tell the bus driver you would like to stop next to foodfair.
-Hours:  F 9am-6pm, Sa 9am-3pm
-Phone: (473) 444-1867; St. George's Carenage (473) 440-2087

Creative Do-It-Best Hardware 
-location: in the Spiceland Mall, next to Real Value IGA. Take the Grand Anse Bus from SGU and stop in front of Spiceland Mall
-Hours: M-Sa 10am-7pm; Su closed
Phone: (473) 439-3648

ACE Hardware 
-location: on Maurice Bishop Highway, next to Frozen Food Bulk Buy.  From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus and tell the bus drive you want to go to Ace Hardware. He will stop at the nearest bus stop (there's one right before Texaco).
-Hours: M-Fr 8am-5pm; Sa 8am-2pm; Su closed
-Phone: (473) 444-5090  

Ramdhanny L&L Co. Hardware Store
-location: on Maurice Bishop Highway  next to Frozen Bulk Buy and Ace Hardware (halfway point of the whole Maurice Bishop highway stretch). From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus and tell the bus drive you want to go to Ramdhanny. He will stop at the nearest bus stop.
-Hours: M-F 8am-4pm; Sa 8am-12pm 
-Phone: (473) 444-4793

4.  Pharmacies:
If you have a prescription to be filled, don't wait until the last minute.  Sometimes, certain drugs will either be out-of-stock or need to be special ordered.  In a pinch, you may have to go to more than one pharmacy to fill a prescription, if one pharmacy doesn't have what you need right away.


-location: on Wall Street in Grand Anse.  From SGU take the Grand Anse bus and stop in front of Le Marquis complex (press the stop button right after you pass the big range complex, excel plaza, on your right).  Cross the street towards New York Bagels.  Pharmacy is located on same strip further down.
-Phone: (473) 444-4954


-location: in Grand Anse Shopping Center.  Take the Mont Tout bus from SGU.  Stop in front of Food Fair. Pharmacy is located in the same complex as Foodfair.
-Hours: M-Sa 8:30am-9pm; Su 5-9pm
-Phone: (473) 444-3845

True Blue Pharmacy 

-location: on True Blue Drive, next door to Bananas.  Take the SGU Grand Anse bus and press the stop button right before you hit the first roundabout you see. Bus stops across the street.  
-Hours: M-F 9am-7pm; Sa 9am-5pm; Su & Holidays 10am-2pm 
-Phone: (473) 444-3784

5.  Banks
-Location:  on campus  and on Wall Street in Grand Anse 444-4919  
-Phone: (473) 444-3862
First Caribbean International Bank 
-Location:  on Wall Street in Grand Anse
-Phone:  (473) 444-1184

Bank of Nova Scotia 
-Location:  across from the Grand Anse Shopping Center/Food Fair
-Phone: (473)  444-1917
-Hours: M-Th 8am-2pm; F 8-4pm; Sa & Su closed

Republic Bank Limited 
-Location:  in Spiceland Mall 
-Phone:  (473) 444-2627

Republic Finance and Merchant Bank 
-Location:  on Wall Street in Grand Anse 
-Phone:  (473) 444-1874

6.  Restaurants 

7.  Airport
Maurice Bishop International Airport, Point Salines
Phone: (473) 444-4101

8.  Hospitals
General Hospital, Saint George's
Phone: (473) 440-2051
ambulance: 440-2113

Princess Alice Hospital, St. Andrew
Phone: (473) 442-7251/2

Ambulance:  442-5400

9.  Animal Clinic
GSPCA, St. George's
Phone: (473) 440-4874

SGU Small Animal Hospital, True Blue
Phone:  (473) 435-2900 

10. Movie Rentals 
DVD Universe 
-location: on Wall Street (where all the banks are located) across the street from Le Marquis "Round houses" Take the L'Anse Aux Epines bus or Grand Anse Bus from SGU bus terminal and ask driver to stop next to wall street.

11. Stationary
Bryden and Minors- Stationary and Office Supplies
-location: in Spiceland Mall  and on the Carenage
-Hours: M-F 9am-6pm; Sa 10am-7pm
-Phone: (473) 439-0870
-Items Sold: art and craft supplies, photo albums and frames, writing instruments and accessories, paper, school supplies, printing cartridges, labels, business forms, writing pads and notebooks, binders and presentation folders

12. Pediatricians
Dr. Kecia Lowe-American Board Certified in Pediatrics & Internal Medicine
(473) 443-5693
(473) 407-7700 Emergencies
available for house calls as well

Dr. Beverly Nelson
American Board Certified in Pediatrics
(473) 440-3916
(473) 415-2463 Cell

13. Dentists
Dr. Vibart Yaw & Dr. Roberts
(473) 440-8386

Dr. Roxanne Nedd
(473) 444-2273

Dr. Tara Baksh
 (473) 444-3200

Joshua Yetman -  I've had nothing but great experiences with Island Dental - Dr. Tara Baksh and Dr. Victor Saaman. 437-4000, 419-4000. Digital x-rays, bright clean exam rooms. Cost me EC$65 for x-rays and a filling.

14. Law Office of Julien Emmanuel
-Notrary, fax, and copy services available.  They can also scan documents and have them sent to an email address. 
-Office located in same plaza as Scotia Bank.  From SGU, take the Grand Anse Bus. Get off at Rubis gas station.  Walk up around the corner to local bus stop towards roundabout. Take a #1 bus to Scotia Bank (on right). Stop across the street of Scotia Bank.
-Don't forget to bring ID

15.  Click HERE for business information - post office, DHL, FedEx

16. Hair Salons 
Unisex Hair Salon - Hair Affair 
Unisex Hair Salon - Spice Isle Retreat Hair Salon

17. Taxis
Phillip Taxi & Tours

18. Embassy of the United States of America 
-Phone: 1 (473) 444-1173/1174/1175
-Fax: 1 (473) 444-4920
-Location: St. Georges, Grenada.
-Directions: From campus, take LAE bus.  Ask driver you would like to stop next to American embassy (american flag in front of building).  After passing tire intersection next to gas station roundabout, building will be on  right hand side. 


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