Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Movie Place at Excel Plaza

Movie Theater in Grenada?  Absolutely!!!  The Movie Palace contains all the elements of your usual American theater, minus the Costco sized screen, surround sound, and overpriced tickets.  In the structure you will find two show rooms that each contain around 100+ seats, a little play area for little kids, and a little food section where you can buy candies, popcorn, and hot dogs.  The rooms are air conditioned so you can watch your movie in comfort.

I went with my great partners in crime, Angela and Grace (also significant others) to see a movie called "Jack and Jill," and we had a blast.  We bought snacks and had the whole theater to ourselves and after the movie, we went crazy with picture taking (as we do everywhere we go).  

Even if I could easily obtain up-to-date movies (by using special sources wink wink) at home, I still went out to the Movie Palace relive the movie going experience I grew to love.  The theater was cute and comfy for and not for one second did I miss American theaters at all.  Call it a good old fashion experience.  I will definitely come back again to the Movie Palace.

There's the usual ketchup, mustard, and relish for the hot dogs and the popcorn had a good flavor and crunch (Even if we were the only ones there. I thought it would turn out stale but I was wrong). 

As we seek to create a pleasant environment for our partrons, we solicit your co-operation in adhering to the  following rules.
The following will not be tolerated:
1.  Men with seeveless or armless jerseys
2.  Ice cream or chewing gum
3.  Smoking
4.  Littering
5.  Food or drinks, unless purchased from our facilities
6. Electronic devices such as cell phones
7. No video cam or camera are allowed in the cinema
Management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.  We thank you for your undersrtanding and co-operation.
bullies in action

Business Information

-Address: Grand Anse, St. George's
Grenada, W.I.
-Phone: (473) 444-6688 (If you call this number, you will be directed to an automated system that will tell you showtimes).
-Fax: (473) 440-0500
-Click HERE for the Movie Palace's website. Check to see what's showing and at what time. 
-Getting There:  From Saint George's University,  take the Grand Anse bus.  Press the stop button right after you pass Texaco.  The bus will stop after ~1min at the next stop in front of Excel Plaza (a big orange like building). 

Mondays - CLOSED

Tuesdays - Student Tuesdays
Students with identification$15.00 EC 
General Admission$18.00 EC
Children (12 Years and Under)$12.00 EC
Infants$5.00 EC

Wednesdays - Crazy Wednesdays
Two for the price of one!
Adults - $18 for 2 persons!
Kids (12 Years and Under) - $12 for 2 persons!

Thursdays - Movie Thursdays
General Admission$18.00 EC 
Children (12 Years and Under)$12.00 EC
Students with identification$15.00 EC

Fridays - Crazy Fridays
Two for the price of one!
Adults - $22 for 2 persons!
Kids (12 Years and Under) - $16 for 2 persons!

General Admission$22.00 EC 
Children (12 Years and Under)$15.00 EC

Sundays - Family Sundays
General Admission$22.00 EC 
Family Package of 3 - Any Combination$55.00 EC
(Any Additional Adult)$18.00 EC
(Additional Kids)$12.00 EC
Children (12 Years and Under)$15.00 EC
Grenada's top models hahahaah.

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