Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mail Information Grenada, West Indies. Grenada Postal Corporation, DHL, and FedEx.

Front of The Grenada Postal Corporation

Saint George's University Students, here is your new mailing address:
     Your Name, Box #
            St. George’s University School of Medicine
P.O. Box 7
University Centre
            St. George’s, Grenada, West Indies

Saint George's Bookstore Information:
Phone: (473) 444-2868
Hours: M-F 9am-4:45pm; Sa, Su closed
Stamps available for purchase
You may drop off letters and documents here (not to exceed 3 lbs) 
Located in back of SGU's main bus terminal. Walk up stairs, turn left. Bookstore is at left corner of building.

Basic Mailing Information (1st half of info obtained from SGU's Site):
  • Postage stamps may be purchased at the University bookstore, the SGU Mailroom (located on the lower level of Charter Hall), the General Post Office in St. George’s, Bryden and Minors Stationery Store, and the Spice Land Mall.
  • Mail can be placed in the slot at the SGU Mailroom or at any post office.
  • The regular mail service requires only Grenadian postage stamps: EC $1 for a postcard and EC $1 per half-ounce for a standard letter to the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada.
  • All mail and packages generally take five to fourteen days to reach destinations in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada.
  • Make sure that the destination country is part of the address for all mail sent out of Grenada. (For example, if the mail is going to the United States, put “USA” as part of the address.) Be sure to label it “Air Mail.”
  • Fax services are available on the first floor of the west wing of Founders Library. Faxes can be sent for EC $2 per page to the United States, and copies cost EC $0.25 per page.
  • It is not recommended to send packages as an alternative to bringing items with you on the plane; shipping is expensive and slow. Additionally, all packages mailed to Grenada are opened by customs, and duties are charged (for example, 55% on food). As much as possible, bring anything you will want for the term down with you. If shipping is necessary, you may wish to consider airline shipping services. 
  • First-class mail between the United States, United Kingdom, and Grenada may take up to two weeks (or more if package is entering Grenada from another country) in either direction.  
  • Safest and most efficient ways of sending and receiving mail: DHL and FedEx (you can receive a package in as little as 3 business days).  Though for speed and security, you will have to pay a lot more than you would with standard mail (USPS).
  • If you plan on receiving a package from USPS, be aware of the possibility of losing your package (from all of the stories I've herd, it seems like a slim chance).  I've never experienced such trouble.  As soon as your package leaves Miami, it is out of USPS's hands (there are no USPS employees on our end here in Grenada).  If your package is insured, USPS will still be held accountable, but insurance can be pricey as well. 
  • If you're expecting a package from USPS and don't receive a notice (SGU mailbox, Charter Hall) within 3 weeks for pick up, I'd go to the post office to make sure they didn't forget to send one out.  This situation happened to me and I was assuming that my package was lost.  I wasn't planning on checking the post office after a month, but I went anyway because there still was a possibility that they just had forgotten to inform me of my packages arrival.  At the end, my package was at the office waiting for me. 
  • I successfully sent out many packages through standard Grenadian mail.  I received all of my packages from USA successfully through standard USPS mail.

Grenada Postal Corporation Business Information
Burns Point 
Phone: 473-440-2526/6728
Fax: 473-440-4271
Hours: M-F 8am-3:30pm; Sa & Su closed
New GBC Global delivery service- items ship to your front door in Grenada

By Bus 
From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus.  Get off at Texaco and walk up around the corner toward the roundabout.  Hop on a #1 (2.50EC) local bus to St. George's.  If it's your first time visiting the office, you can simply tell the bus conductor to drop you next to the post office.  Alternatively, right when you see a large soccer field (with wooden bleachers) to your right, knock on a window and the bus driver will stop right next to the post office.  The office is ~10min away from campus depending on how busy the day is.

By car 
Drive towards IGA. At the roundabout next to the field, drive towards and past the local bus stop/vendors. Go straight for ~5min (always sticking to the left when faced with forks in the street).  Immediately after passing a large soccer field with wooden bleachers  on your right, you will see the post office to your left.  Parking available.

How It Works:
Receiving a package-
As soon as Grenada receives your package, they will withhold it at their mailing offices until you pay your duties and pick it up.  Check your school mailbox around estimated time of arrival for a notice.  Once you receive a notice, bring it to the post office in town.  Line up in the "Parcel" line and a worker will retrieve your package and open it up in front of you.  They will asses the cost of duties for your items.  You agree to fees by signing a paper, pay, and are able to leave right after.  So far, everyone I know has paid an average of 30EC in duties, including myself.  Don't forget to bring some sort of identification.  School ID accepted.

Sending a package-
Have your package(s) securely wrapped.  Fall in the "Parcels" line. Have it weighed.  A worker will write how much your package will cost to ship.  Bring that piece of paper to your left at the stamps section (opposite of information desk).  You then will purchase the same amount in stamps.  Glue them on your package and after, drop it off at the same place you got it weighed.

*shipping boxes are available for shipping.  When I went there, they had three sizes.  Call them to check what size boxes they have on hand.  I suggest brining your own tape, pen, and scissors to help facilitate the whole process.

Phone: (473) 440-5009; (473) 440-4475
P.O Box 188
St George's, West Indies


Location: Carenage.  From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus. Get off at Texaco.  Walk up around the corner to the local bus stop. Take a #1 bus to St. George's.  Tell conductor where you want to go.  ~5 min from Texaco.  Past Grenada post office, past fire station,  and before Nutmeg restaurant.  Look for a Western Union Sign. DHL is located in the same building.

Hours: M-F 8am-4:30pm; Sa. Su closed.

Services and Rates 2012 

Location: Lagoon Road opposite of Tropicana Restaurant.  From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus. Get off at Texaco.  Walk up around the corner to the local bus stop. Take a #1 bus to St. George's. Tell conductor that you want to get to Fedex.  You can't miss the building. It will be on your left.

For additional services and important information about FedEx rates and transit times online, go to or call (473) 440-2206 - you can talk to a representative.

Hours: M-F 8:30am-4:30pm; Sa, Su closed.

*For Larger, heavier items, inquire with the following companies (I've read great things about them in many forums):

Tropical Shipping - I herd that they have headquarters located on Maurice Bishop Highway.

Amerijet International - Air, Trucking, Ocean shipping.  I personally suggest Amerijet. I successfully shipped my dog through them.
Local Stop up around the corner from Texaco on Maurice Bishop Highway
For Grenada Post office, stop before Carenage.  For DHL, continue down towards boats.
See where the van is entering? That's where the post office is.
Maybe you can walk around after a hard days work at the post office. If you walk all the way around to the other side, you'll run into The Nutmeg restaurant (right next to Foodfair).  They have delicious fish!... but  I'd advise for you to stay away from their "burgers" hahahah. 


  1. Hi! I can across your site and was wondering if you knew how many stamps I need to send a letter to Grenada from the United States?

    1. Hello,
      Generally a one page letter costs 1EC (whatever amount it costs, they will give you the appropriate number of stamps... they have varying values per stamp).

      Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. hi, i currently created an account with you. i would like to have a list of the duties please thanks?

    1. Hello, I'm not sure what you're asking for. Are you asking for cutom duties at the Grenada airport?

    2. i am looking for a list of duties charged on items for when i am ready to order stuff through my gpc account.

    3. I'm afraid I'm unable to give you more information... Can you email me at so I can give you the contact information of someone that I think might be able to help.

  3. Wonderful site. Thanks.
    if a parcel is delivered through Fedex and someone else signed for it, where would you go to pick up in the school?

  4. Hello and Thanks, I usually pick up my packages from Lower Charter Hall (where mailboxes are located). Unless there is a clearance issue with your package, you would call Fedex to find out what you should do. In some instances, you would have to make a trip to their store in town to pick up your package.

    Fedex representatives are good at addressing concerns.
    (473) 440-2206

    Good Luck!

  5. Hi i would like to ship to my friend (who goes to sgu) a few gifts for her birthday but i was wondering if she will get charged upon receiving them because of customs or will i be able to cover that fee with a charge from usps in usa?

    1. Hello Aria,

      So nice of you to be thinking about your friend. Everyone I knew at SGU, including myself... always looked forward to receiving packages from friends and family. For every package me and my friends have received in the past, we've paid very small fees. I don't think you will have an option to pay for fees ahead of time through USPS since fees are assessed by Grenada workers at the post office.

      Good Luck!

    2. Most likely she will be charged some duties on the package.

  6. I've had problems sending a package to my daughter at St. Georges. Thanks for showing how the address is laid out. You've helped me pinpoint the problem that the shipping store was having. It's much appreciated. :-)


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  9. Hi I have sent a parcel to a friend who is on a yacht in transit at prickly bay the parcel contains food items and a samsung tablet, I have tracked parcel down to customs and have been told my friend will receive a letter informing him that a duty tax needs to be paid , he has not received such a letter. Do you have any advice as to where parcel would be and possible cost incurred from duty tax please, I didn't want my friend to incur any costs as its a gift. Contact info of customs office would be appreciated if avaliable.

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  12. Does SGU give you a box number even if you live off campus?

  13. My boyfriend is currently studying at St. George's university, but he lives in a condo nearby. Since the addresses don't have numbers, how would you write it on a package?

  14. Does the university do strabismus surgery for kids, or provide general health services to the public? My 8 yr old niece was born and lives in Grenada and needs surgery. I've been searching for the university's email but no luck. Thanks!!


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  16. I know I'm posting this late... But if you're still checking this, do you know about how long it takes to get a package through USPS? And where/how we'd pay the customs fees if we're picking it up from the SGU mailroom?

  17. What to do when ypu get asked online for zip code and is not optional but must and you can't type in letters such as west indies...what one does?

  18. What to do when ypu get asked online for zip code and is not optional but must and you can't type in letters such as west indies...what one does?

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