Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bulk Buy Frozen Foods in Grenada, West Indies

-Location:  About halfway down Maurice Bishop Highway towards SGU.  From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus and tell the bus driver you want to get  to Buy Bulk. He will stop at the nearest bus stop (the stop right across the street of Texaco). 
-Hours: M-F 8am-5pm; Sa 8am-2pm; Su closed
-Phone: (473) 440-2956 or (473) 440-2402

I've been in Grenada for seven months and never have been to Bulk Buy until recently.  Maybe I didn't visit the place because I didn't want to burst my rendered version of the place and what it had to offer... Free Costco-like samples?  A wide array of products to choose from...Endless isles that you can race down?  No, no, and definitely no ahhaha.  Despite it being far from heavenly Costco, I still found a good amount of items within that I like to call treasure.  Pad Thai noodles and Seaweed for sushi for a decent price (along with a lot of other usual products used in the kitchen).  I'll be back for more.  

O, and I found frozen pork spare ribs that cooked well and had a decent amount of meat on them (and yummy cartilage fragments as well).  The ribs were close to half the price of ribs found at IGA.  I bought all 7 packs available and tossed them in my freezer because I was so excited to have come across such decently priced, good quality, ribs. 

There's not much "bulk" found at this store (though Grenadian's may have a different definition of bulk hahah).  It's more like a regular mini mart that has all of your bare necessities.  If you're looking for bulk deals, CK's Super Valu is your store.  It's right next to the roundabout going towards Texaco. 

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