Monday, September 12, 2011

Sausage Breakfast Burrito

1-2 servings;10-15min
2 small potatoes peeled and diced
salt/pepper to taste
cajun seasoning
dried parsley flakes
1 inch thick slice sausage broken up into small pieces
1tbs oil

3 eggs
salt/pepper to taste
cheddar cheese

flour tortilla or wrap
hot sauce and/or sour cream (optional)

1. in a non stick pan, heat up oil. medium heat. add potatoes. toss to coat. sprinkle potatoes with spices in an even layer. I gently sprinkled each spice to hit the whole layer of potato. toss to coat, splash in a little water (handful) and cover. cook for 3-5min while occasionally giving the potatoes a stir (stove and pan will influence how potatoes are cooked so check with fork for tenderness).
2. move potatoes to side of pan and add sausage in an even layer. don't stir until one side has browned. fat will render from fully cooked sausage. do not drain.
3. mix potatoes and sausage together.
4. add spices to eggs. beat just before you add to sausage mixture to make for a fluffy egg.
5. cook egg to your liking. I like to cook the egg 3/4 of the way, turn the heat off, and flip on itself (to make a half moon) to finish cooking. This creates a soft and creamy texture.
6. turn flame off and move aside. shred cheese on top. move to toasted tortilla or wrap (you can toast these in the same non stick pan on medium heat. will burn if you don't watch closely). add favorite condimens (sour cream and hot sauce are my favorite).
7. Enjoy!

I prefer wraps over tortillas because they're better at keeping their composure, absorbing less liquids than a tortilla.  I make them for my husband to take to school and at times, he ends up eating his breakfast for dinner due to his hectic schedule.  These wrappers will last the whole day without getting uneatable-soggy.  *Tip- pat veggies with a paper towel after washing  and try sandwiching wet veggies like tomatoes and sauces like mayo in between hams, cheeses, and lettuce. This will help keep the burrito nice and dry. You can apply the same method to sandwiches. 
 I found this sausage at half the price of other sausages found at IGA.  This sausage has minimal ingredients yet tastes delicious. Natural, juicy, and cooks fast, this sausage is a keeper!  I use just a little bit at a time along with a lot of potatoes, eggs, and spices so it will last for many meals. Don't worry, by doing so, the sausage flavor will not be lost. the sausage fat is not drained and instead is used to cook the egg. this makes for a strong sausage flavor!

*Click HERE for a cooking dictionary. 

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