Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grenada Life Through Photos

Grand Etang Hike with the Gals - 5.4.13
Cuthbert the local portraits - 5.12.13
BBC Beach - 2.23.13
39th Anniversary of Grenada's Independence - 2.7.13
Scuba Diving Trip - 12/2012
Saint George's University - 10/19/2012
Favorites of Grenada
Yacht Club - 10/09/12
Soul Stars Soccer Game - 7/26/2012
Shots around Saint George's University - 7/29/2012
Quarantine Point and The Point LAE - 7/11/2012
Ending Social Dodgy Dock - 5/6/2012
The Limes After-School Program Easter Party - 4/8/2012
Mr. and Mrs. Lackey 1 Year Anniversary - 4/8/2012
Natalie Photo Shoot - 12/2/11
Farewell Mr. Lizard - 11/21/11
Eye Love SGU -  11/16/11
SO Midterm Social at Grand Anse Beach- 10/29/11
Grand Anse Boys Soccer Game- 10/28/11
Island Tour with the SOs Ft. Frederick, Ft. Matthew, Leaper's Hill, Belmont Estate, Pearl's Airport- 10/14/11
La Segasse Beach with the SOs- 9/29/11
Soulful Kids of the Limes After School Program- 9/29/11
La Boulangerie Restaurant with Adriana - 9/15/2011
My First Soccer Game Ever!- 9/4/11
Tortoise Racing at the Owl - 8/29/11
Fort George with Angela- 8/29/11
Underwater Fun at the University Club- 8/22/11
White Coat Ceremony - 8/16/11
Grand Etang and Annandale Falls - 8/13/2011
The Never Ending Journey to Grenada - 7/29/11

Hello Everyone!  For those of you interested in what type of camera I use, it's a Canon 40d body with a L-series Canon 24-70mm Lens. The compact point and shoot camera I use is a Canon S95, but a new version just came out (it has improved ten fold). A good high memory, good quality memory card is also essential in capturing in beauty of Grenada (less likely to be corrupted, faster loading speeds, prevents lag while sooting photos).

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