Friday, September 23, 2011

Carib Sushi Menu

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thinly sliced shashimi, onions, and olive oil

thin rolls with wrapper on the outside

*Chirashi- This is a Sushi dish which is made of seafood, mushroom, vegetables and sushi rice.
*Ceviche- Raw fish or seafood pickled and "cooked" in the acidic juice of citrus fruit. Ceviches are often flavored with herbs, chiles and other ingredients.

a piece of raw fish (or other topping) on top of a small oblong brick of sticky white rice.

A Japanese dish of bite-sized pieces of raw fish eaten with soy sauce and horseradish paste: "tuna sashimi".

Rolls that have been created "inside-out" with rice on the exterior, and nori on the interior. Uramaki are typically sized in between futomaki and hosomaki, filled with two or more ingredients, and coated in sesame seeds or small fish roe.

*Temaki- Cones of nori (dried seaweed) filled with sushi rice, as well as fish and/or vegetables. Similar to maki, these are also known as hand rolls.
*Futomaki- Thick, large, oversize rice and seaweed rolls, up to an inch and a half in diameter, filled with fish or vegetables.

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