Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ace Hardware Store on Maurice Bishop Highway, Grenada, West Indies

-location: on Maurice Bishop Highway, next to Frozen Food Bulk Buy.  From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus and tell the bus driver you want to get to Ace Hardware. He will stop at the nearest bus stop (there's one close byl).

-Hours: M-Fr 8am-5pm; Sa 8am-2pm; Su closed

-Phone: (473) 440-5090 
-Student discount: 7.5%

 Ace Hardware is like a mini Home Depot minius the lumber, hot dog stand, and orange aprons.  They definitely have a wide array of products from household appliances to tools and domestic products.  I only went there to take pictures and obtain information for my blog, but I ended up leaving with a handful of things.  Although the prices aren't much different from Creative Do It Your Best next to IGA, they still have a broader selection of items.  I definitely will be back for more.  

Since my move to Grenada, I've never seen any "King Sized" products until I went to Ace Hardware.   From now on, I'll be buying my dish washing liquid from here:  40% more hahaha.   Did I mention that students get a 7.5% discount?  Just make sure you bring your I.D.  or if you're an SO, don't forget to bring your Student with his I.D. for major purchases. 

What you will find at this store:
Paint- spray, canned, and you may also request a specific color and they will mix it for you.
extension cords
cleaning supplies- mops, tile cleaner, rags, dishwashing liquid
air freashner
electric fans
pad locks
gardening supplies
bbq grills
wood stain
hand tools- circular saws, drill press, screwdrivers, sander, hammers
dog supplies- food, toys, leashes, collars
carwash supplies
trash cans
kitchen supplies- bakeware, plates, cups, kitchen tools
outdoor rugs
cabinet liner 
bubble wrap
snorkelling gear
table lamps
desk clocks
electric "george foreman" type grills
dish racks
birthday party supplies
storage drawers
and much more!

*Click on pictures to enlarge them


  1. This store has many branch, many hardware retailers are being popular with their good service and product. Thank you for these informative pictures.

  2. Ace Hardware is one of the best hardware store all over the world! Though it does not have construction supplies, I most liked about it is the abundance of high quality tools! Yeah!

  3. I honestly think you guys need to get a little proactive and have the items priced on the website........there are a lot of Grenadians outside of the US that will like to buy products for their family in Grenada.......As of today the only store in Grenada that has their products displayed on their website is Courts Grenada........come on people we have to be a little bit more forward thinking here

    1. You remain anonymous because your comment lacks some serious forward thinking. I dont think this was meant to be an advertisement for ACE, therefore does not require the level of "proactive" information you say. Perhaps you should direct your comment directly to ACE !!!! Katherine, thank you very much. I found this very helpful.

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  5. I'm moving to Grenada Jan 2016. Thanks for the information.

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