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helpful links for prospective and current significant others

hanging out with my new buddies
The Adventure of A Lifetime
So your husband/wife/significant other dragged you by your wedding ring(or just dragged you) thousands of miles into a place you never thought you'd find yourself in- a lost episode of LOST or perhaps Jumanji?... I like to call it Grenada.

If you and your significant other (SO) are already completely exhausted from the plane ride (where everything that can possible go wrong went wrong), then you're right where you belong hahaa.

Next, you will find yourself at the grocery store face to face with items you're used paying half price for back at home and ask "Why" until you find yourself in the same situation again the next week.  Soon enough, you start exploring around yourself and hear from word of mouth or on the Facebook page of places where you can get a better bang for your buck.  You go here for this and there for that.

Pretty soon you start to wonder if the Significant Others were especially made for you and later find out that YES! Indeed they were hahaha.  They will have the answers to all your questions and then some.  Life starts showing a glimmer of hope and things aren't as bad as you thought they would be.

Later, you get together with other significant others and venture out on the island and pretty soon after, you feel like you're on a 24/7 vacation (meeting paradise everywhere you turn).  Of course you feel bad but hey, you do all you can for your husband (clean, massage, give your shoulder for him to cry on, do the laundry, and cook), so hey why not.  It's a once in a lifetime opportunity that anyone would take advantage of, including your significant other, if they had the opportunity to.

On top of vacationing, you want to be productive as well so you start volunteering to help out around the community or you start working on developing a skill or hobby like dancing, cooking, or blogging. Now you're at ease and feel lucky to be in a once in a lifetime opportunity to be living in a completely different culture, experiencing new sights, sounds, and tastes with time on your side.  You soon find out that the whole country is synonymous with "down to earth" and its persona starts rubbing off on feel like a new person.  You think to yourself, "I'm in my true element," and wish for the whole journey to never end.  Welcome to life in Grenada as a significant other.     

Below you will find helpful links that will help you transition to life in Grenada.

1. Significant Others of Saint George's University website -
I can't describe how helpful this organization has been in helping me settle and transition to life in Grenada.  They know their way around and are more than happy to help guide you through your quests.  Their website contains everything you need to know and more-
2.  Links to Other SO Blogs
    3.  Once you fill out the "New Significant Other" form, you will be assigned a footsteps buddy who you can contact should you have any questions.  You can fill it out while you're still in your hometown and let them know when you're scheduled to arrive.

    4.  Once you've been assigned a buddy, send in a request to be added to the SO's Facebook group.  Here you will find other SOs post updates on events, questions about any and everything, tips, and so on.  Feel free to post any questions you may have (even if you're not here yet).  There's always someone ready and willing to help. They always respond lightning speed with helpful information.
      Of course, you can always contact me if you have any questions at all.

      5. Once you've Arrived Checklist
      6. Tips and Money Saving Ideas for the Kitchen
      7. Fruit and Vegetable Guide 
      8. 32 Productive Ways to Use Your Spare Time
      9. YouTube Videos, Movies and TV Show Suggestions
      10. Cooking Dictionary 
      11. Ingredient Dictionary
      12. Emergency Ingredient Substitutions for baking  
      13. Common Ingredient Substitutions
      14.  There is an SO recipe swap group where SOs post their favorite recipes, tailored to what is available here in Grenada.  Add me on Facebook and let me know if you would like for me to add you into it.  You can also ask me any questions you may have about any other issues and I will definitely hunt the answers down for you.   
      15. Click HERE for a map of Grenada
      16. Click HERE for a map of St. George's
      17. Do It Yourself Christmas Decorations 
      18. What to consider before bringing your pet to Grenada 
      19. My Grenadian Photo Albums
      20. Pool Day Info at the University Club 
      21. Visa Renewal Process
      22. Mail Information
      23. Where to go for ____? (where to go for everything + general advice)
      24. Sample Budgets- cost of living everywhere in Grenada

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