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Grand Etang National Forest and Annandale Falls

Entrance to Annandale Fall
During orientation week you will have the option of attending an SGU organized tour to Annandale Falls (30ft drop with swimming pool at the bottom for a refreshing swim) and Grand Etang National Forest.  At registration, make sure to reserve a spot for you and your significant other (if you have one) before all of the slots fill up.  I highly suggest for you to attend the tour- the ride and costs are covered, it's a perfect time to mingle and make friends, and you get to see what in part, makes Grenada special- its lush and beautiful tropical forests.  If you're lucky, you may even run into monkeys (up close and personal) and drink coconut juice straight from a freshly picked coconut.

Length of tour:  ~2- 2.5 hr
1. 4-5 big school buses load up at SGU campus
2. Bus ride to falls- long and windy on narrow roads. no hike involved. students watch local divers (they take donations) and have a little fun in the water. Jumping off cliffs is not permitted for safety reasons (~20-25 min).
3.  If you're lucky, you will catch the coconut man at the entrance. These young coconuts are delicious.  Try one out! You can also take a picture with the Banana lady for 2-3ec.
4.  Leave the falls and head to Grand Etang Forest (~10 min).
5. Hike up to point of destination. It took our crowd 1hr there and back due to the muddy conditions.  Be sure to wear hiking shoes (no flip flops!) unless you want to mud skate all day hahaa. Wear bug spray and bring water, and don't forget to wear sunscreen.  You can also pay to use the washroom next to Grand Etang House to rinse your shoes. I think it's 5-10ec.
6. Ride back to campus.
7. campus bbq

*These two sites are easily accessible by car or public transportation.
1.  Grand Etang- from Saint George's University, take the Grand Anse bus. Stop at Texaco. Walk up the corner towards IGA and you will find a local bus stop. Take #1 to St. George's. Ride until the last stop at the bus terminal. 2.50ec. walk towards other buses and find #6-5ec. this will take you to your stop right in front of "Grandetang House." Entrance fee ~5ec/person if you're going separately from school.
2.  Annandale Falls - from SGU, take the Grand Anse bus. Get off at Texaco. Hail a #1 bus or walk up around the corner to the local bus stop.  Ride to the last stop to the bus terminal.  Transfer to a #7 bus to Annandale Falls.  

Getting there on your own:   from St. George's turn L, continue downhill past yellow Methodist church for 0.7mi.

Price -freeVisitor center hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00.

Main Attractions at Annandale Falls (busy days will prompt more action):
  • Listen to Guitar Man
  • Take a picture with lady balancing a big bunch of fruit on her head
  • get up close and personal with a monkey and his man
  • buy fresh coconut from the coconut man with a machete
  • watch divers dive from great heights above waterfall (donations appreciated but not forced)
  • swim (no diving allowed). Also, no wet cloths allowed on bus. Don't forget to bring extra clothes.
  • Reviews on Trip Advisor 
Main Attractions at Grand Etang:
  • mud
  • insect bites
  • flip flop suction action in mud (under wet conditions)
  • razor sharp plants
  • Grand Etang House- they sell beverages and sandwiches
  • monkeys (if you're lucky)
  • view of beautiful Grand Etang Lake
  • view of Grand Etang Lake from end of hike (on top of a hill)
  • Reviews on Trip Advisor 
*for more pictures visit my Flickr album here

Annandale Falls
into the water
coconut man in front of Annandale MmmMm...
beginning of hike at Grand Etang
View of Grand Etang Lake at end of hike

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