Friday, April 5, 2013

Phillip, My Favorite Taxi Guy in all Grenada, West Indies.

Taxi and Tours 24hrs/7 days a week
Phone: 1+(473) 416-2546/458-3451
(Lives in Mont Tout next to Food Fair)

 Tours and Transportation Include (but not limited to):

Historical & Scenic Sights
Spice Gardens
Spice Plantations
Rum Distilleries 
Turtle Watching (Lavera Beach)
Fish Friday
Airport Pick Up & Drop Off
Restaurants & Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off

Wet clothes and pets welcomed. 

How I met Phillip:  
A student posted Phillip's number one day in Brian's FB class group page.  I took his number down because I'm a sucker for good service and good people (as described by student on FB).  One late, late night at ~1am, I receive a call from Brian (who has been sick of Dengue for almost a week now), asking me to come over to SGU's library to assist him to the ER clinic.  Due to muscle weakness, characteristic of  Dengue, Brian was unable to walk.  This is when I called Phillip (I remember the student notated his 24/7 services) and asked him if he could come to campus to pick us up and drop us home.  The clinic told me Brian would be ready to leave in "ten min," so I called Phillip and told him we would be ready to leave in 10.  He arrived 5 min. early and not to our surprise, the clinic says it will take another 25min.  I walked outside to tell Phillip about the postponement, and he did not show one sign of frustration and with a smile said, "That's OK, take your time."  After Brian was about ready to leave, Phillip came out of his taxi to help the nurse help transport him to his bus.  We reached home, and again, Phillip comes out of his taxi and helps me take Brian up the hill and to my place.  At the end, Phillip charged me the initial price he set before he knew about the postponement.  I was surprised that he didn't charge for extra waiting time and trouble.  I immediately knew that this would be my go-to taxi guy for my time here in Grenada.  

I write about my experience with Phillip because I think this nice guy deserves all the business in the world. He's prompt, nice, knowledgeable, dependable, and has the best deals.  He also has 12 years of experience and obtained certification from Grenada's Board of Tourism.  If you let him know that you found him through "Kat's Website," he will take extra special care of you.  I've been riding with him for so long that I lost count of how many times I've called him.  Brian likes him so much to that he has already requested for his services for when we leave Grenada for good in May. =(

P.S.  When you call him for a ride, if you ask, he will let you know in advance how much he expects for the trip you're looking to take. Also, he will let you know about how long it will take to reach you. 
Gunther Approved.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yacht Club

Grenada, West Indies.
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