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Upon Arrival- On Campus

So you arrived to the island way ahead of time before the start of school because you're worried about taking care of this and that.  The question is, what the heck are you suppose to take care of?  My husband, Brian, and I arrived July 28, 2011, two weeks before the start of fall semester and he didn't have the slightest clue as to what had to be taken care of.  We hopped onto a University bus (yes they were operating this early on) and made our way to the campus for the first time to find out.  To get into the school, we showed the guards at the entrance Brian's university acceptance letter.

You can easily find tons of information regarding things to be taken care of upon arrival on SGU's website, but I decided to write this post anyway just to add in a few more important details.

SGU bus terminal
 Before orientation week actually started, we were only able to take care of two things:  Brian's student photo for his ID card and I was able to fill out an application for my significant other ID.

Below, I listed an overview of orientation week along with some tips and details. 

Alternatively, you may wonder if arriving early is really necessary (in regards to registration)... and the answer is no.  You may arrive the day that mandatory orientation begins and register then.

*Did you know that you can arrange transportation on the day you arrive to SGU campus?  Just call your admissions counselor and they will organize everything for you.  But just in case you don't want to bother with arrangements, you can always call my favorite taxi guy in advance and set something up with him.  His name is Philip (24/7 taxi services). 1 (473) 416- 2546

*Academic Orientation overlook:
Occurs during the whole week prior to the start of school.  During orientation you will have both formal and informal meetings. Some meetings will be mandatory, others will not.
-tour of school
-tour of nearby neighborhoods and grocery stores
-introduction to professors
-orientation on safety in grenada
-orientation on culture of grenada
-bazaar day (student organizations and locals food places set up to introduce themselves. For first term students you will receive food vouchers). You will also be introduced to a little of Grenadian culture (maybe a dance or a musical performance.  
-trip to annandale falls and hike up grandetang- both beautiful places. highly recommended. although, depending on the weather it may be muddy.

-registration, IT setup, ID pickup
-white coat ceremony- usually occurs on or the day before the start of school
-significant others meet and greet
-mailbox and locker checkout
-if you have a significant other, make sure you escort them to the security office to apply for their ID card. they will need one as well for entry into school.
White Coat Ceremony

                                                                                              Recommended Activities:                   
annandale falls
  •  go on tour of campus
  • go on tour of nearby neighborhoods, bus routes, and grocery store
  • get a phone (during orientation, they have special deals so be sure to get it then. we got buy one min, get the other free. our phones were practically free!)
  • call home and tell them you made it (Skype is a great free way to communicate with loved ones abroad)
  • Check out Carnival: July-mid Aug, there will be many fun action packed cultural events including calypso drumming and beauty pageants. Google it if interested.

 Brian's Registration Checklist fall 2011
  • get orientation packet (from your dorm or from the orientation desk in taylor hall-if you live off campus). I would suggest for you to pick up your packet early on (contains orientation schedule, contact information, details on where to eat, local event details, and other helpful information).
  • go to take photo for SGU ID
  • Check registration status on banner self-service; resolve any holds - Financial, missing documents, etc. (banner self-serve is on SGU website)
  • collect SGU photo ID from desk registration - taylor hall
  • get ID term sticker on ID
  • get clicker at registration- I've herd during orientation that California is now asking for proof of attendance of any med student. SGU keeps record through use of clicker.
  • go to mailroom to collect mail box combination and locker (downstairs charter hall)-do this a.s.a.p. mailboxes fill up fast. Also, make sure your combo lock isn't too thin. other wise, the locker won't lock properly.
  • pick up text books from purchasing (#42 on campus map)
  • get computer registered by joining the firefly wireless network--just log onto the wireless network while on campus and you will be guided through the steps (go to the IT department during office hours if you have problems)
 *Tip: on registration day, either go 20 min. early or arrive 30 min. before closing time to avoid long lines.
More Details:
*Identification Card:
If you arrived early, you can take your picture for your ID card at Taylor Hall on campus.  Before taking a picture, you will need to verify your identity using another ID such as a license.  You'll be picking up your ID during orientation week.  Taylor hall is on the second floor.  Taking your picture early on will save you the hassle of falling in additional lines during the start of chaotic orientation week.

Tuition fees will cover the cost of books so you don't have to worry about purchasing them beforehand.  On the other hand, do some research and ask around to find out what supplementary materials will be most resourceful during your academic career (board review books, flashcards, and other guidebook type like books).
Tip: if you find yourself having to walk a far distance between your house and the textbook pick up place, consider bringing a rolling bag to ease the workload.  Otherwise, the books will be placed in a thin, flimsy, and ineffective plastic bag.
white coat ceremony reception

*White Coat Ceremony
Day before the start of school. Ceremony is to mark the entry of students into program. Students dress in semi-formal attire and gather in Patrick F. Adams Hall (#12 on campus). if you have guests, make sure you request them early on. A reception follows after in Taylor hall upstairs (#46).

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