Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rick's Cafe- Great Pizza, Homemade Ice Cream, and More

Business Information
delivery available; T-Su 6pm-9pm. Minimum order of 40EC for delivery.
-Cuisines: American-burgers, fries, ice cream, pizza, BBQ, sandwiches, beer
-Location: In Grand Anse Shopping Centre.
-Hours: M closed; Tu-Sa 11am to 10pm; Su 4-9:30pm
-Phone: (473) 444-4597
-Price Range: $-$$
How to Order
1. Place order with person behind register (where menu boards are located)
2. Obtain your ticket if ordering pizza/ receipt for anything else.
3. If you ordered a pizza, pick up across of register. Don't forget to show your ticket. If you ordered ice cream, show lady in back of ice cream station your receipt and tell her what flavor you'd like.

Order Here First
If you live in Grenada, you'll know that most businesses close early (5-7pm).  Of the very few (literally) that close late, fortunately, is the notorious Rick's Cafe.  This late night cafe is known for their home made rich ice cream that comes in a wide array of flavors, both traditional and tropical.  They're also known for their pizza.

  I have a friend that's been living here for almost 2 years and she's gotten a taste of just about everything in Grenada.  Of all the places she has eaten at, Rick's has landed as her favorite when it comes to pizza and ice cream.

Personally, I also love their pizza and ice cream, but I have nothing to compare both of them to since I haven't had the chance yet to expose myself to other restaurants.  I ordered the "Presidential Pizza," 2nd to the largest available (sorry, I forgot the diameter), choose any 6 toppings, $58EC.  It's a thin crust pizza, packed with toppings, and coated with tomato sauce that's a little sweeter than your usual pizza sauce in America.  I highly recommend their pizza.

Their ice cream is on the creamy side, rich in texture with a nice balance of sugar.  So far, I've had their Nutmeg ice cream. It's so delicious, a must try.
Pick Up Pizza Here

Some of their flavors include:
-strawberry cheesecake
-chocolate ripple
-Rum Raisin
-Peach Melba
-After Eight
-Strawberry Ripple
-Cherry Vanilla

Rick's a great place for food, dessert, and hanging out with your friends. There's also plenty of little shops nearby to peruse.  A grocery store (Foodfair) is right next door too if you need to go Grocery shopping.  Don't forget to check out the Koi fishes located in a man made pond right in front of Rick's. They're so beautiful and you can feed them too!

Getting there:
From SGU bus terminal, Take the Mont Tout Bus (C). Stop in front of Grand Anse Shopping center across street from Scotia Bank (past round houses). Or you can take local bus #1 St. George's. It also stops at the same place. 

Rick's pizza has landed as my 3rd favorite pizza place next to Prickly Bay (#1) and La Boulangerie (#2).  But it's the greatest bang for your buck!!! I also just had their burger and it was a lot better than Grill Master's burger located in Spiceland Mall, but Umbrella's has the best burger by far in my eyes.  Their onion rings are to die for and their sorbets are so light, cheap, refreshing, and so darn cute.  I tried grape, coconut pineapple, golden apple, and punch.  Their flavors vary from day to day.  My all time favorite is Coconut Pineapple.    


  1. I like most of the spots you mention, and your judgement is pretty right on. But I saw the kitchen at La Boulangerie through the counter where you order and I will never eat there again. Ever! Really Gross!

  2. This place use to be one of the better choices in Grenada but they quality and service have plummeted to something beyond recognition. If you like horrible bland food that maybe something totally from what you ordered this is your place. If you expect to get what you ordered or something just slightly palatable, I advice you take your business elsewhere.

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