Sunday, September 4, 2011

Links to Other SO Blogs

  • Coghills in Grenada - Kelsey is a Significant Other of a med student and has been blogging since March 2009.  She is the past volunteer coordinator (a very committed one) of the SO board and has much experience around island life and culture.  She is the go to Magic 8 Ball for Grenada-related questions hahaa.  You can contact her through her blog or send her a personalized message through the SO website.  On her page, on the right hand side, she lists many other SO blogs that she follows.
  • Life After Grenada -  SGU SO, Amber, talks about her past experiences in Grenada while her husband attended Saint George's University and also talks about both hers and her husband's life after Grenada. 
  • Count On Me For Life- Marisa, a significant other of an SGU Med student Grad keeps up to date with her personal experiences and experiences with Andy and also includes details of his journey through clinical years.

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