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Restaurants in Grenada

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** delivery available

Coming Soon:
Spice Isle Frozen Yogurt (more info below)

**Ali Baba
delivery available (M-F 12-10:30pm; Sa and Su Throughout the whole day)  Minimum charge 30EC, no additional delivery fee. 
-Cusines: Middle Easter, Mediterranean
-Location Grand Anse:  Take the Grand Anse Bus and push the stop button right when you see a green field. Stop is right after a sharp turn (in front of Le Marquis shopping center).  Walk past the field towards the beach. To the left of the beach entrance you will see an Ali Baba sign.
-Phone: (473) 438-2222, 407-1984, 538-9394
-Hours: 7 days a week 7:30am-10:30pm
-Daily Specials: M, Free glass wine w/ special meal. T, Fruit Punch, Margarita, Pina Colada 10EC. W, B4U eat special. Th, Gyro Day Lamb or Chicken. Beef 45EC. Fr, 3 Carib for 10EC. Sa Seesha 25EC. Su, assortment Mediterranean dish 55EC.

The Aquarium (call to make a reservation)
-Cuisines:  Caribbean, American
-Location:  Point Salines Beach | Magazine Beach, St. George's, Grenada. From SGU, take the "Frequente Bus.  Stop in front of the Grenadian. Walk past the resort and all the way to the beach.  Turn left when you hit the sand. Restaurant is all the way at the end.  If dining for dinner, I suggest riding a taxi. 
-Hours:  Open daily from 10am.  Closed Mondays
-Phone:  (473) 444-1410
-Price Range: $-$$$

**Bananas Tapas Restaurant, Sports Bar and Night Club
delivery available- Everyday 6pm-9:45pm; Delivery fee varies depending on size of order (Ex.  If you have an order worth more than 50EC, they will charge 7EC.  If 100EC, they will charge you 10EC.
-Cuisines: Pizza, Burgers and Fries, Salads, Local, Mexican
-Location:  True Blue, St. George's.  From SGU, take the Grand Anse or Grand View Inn Bus. Bananas is right after the fork in the road. ~2mins away from campus.
-Hours:  Daily 6pm-10pm
-Phone:  (473)-444-4662
-Price Range: $-$$
-Happy Hour: 5pm-7pm 2EC off of all alcoholic beverages.
-Entertainment: Billiards (they have great tables) 10EC 1/2 hr; 20EC 1hr. Foosball 5EC 1/2 hr. 10EC 1hr 

Bash Restaurant by Mark B
(Rhodes restaurant also found on same Calabash resort, look below for more info on Rhodes)
-Tapas, Burgers, Salads, Desserts
-Location: Lance Aux Epines. From SGU take LAE bus.  Tell driver you want to stop next to front entrance of Calabash Resort (found on LAE Beach)
-Hours: Daily 12pm-6pm
-Phone 1 (473) 444-4334

BB's Crabback Caribbean Restaurant (you can call to make a reservation)
-Cuisines: Local, Seafood.
-Location: The Caranage, St. George's.  Take the Grand Anse bus from SGU. get off at Texaco.  Walk up around the corner next to roundabout to local bus stop. Take a number 1 bus (2.50EC). Tell conductor you want to get to BB's Crabback Restaurant.  He will drop you to closest stop.  Ask him to point you in the direction of the restaurant. He will show you the front entrance sign.
-Hours: 8am-10pm
-Phone: (473)-435-7058
-Price Range: $-$$$ ($13-$48)
-Reviews (Tripadvisor + pictures)
-Local Review

The Beach House Restaurant (call to make a reservation)
-Cuisines:  International- American, Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, Seafood, Steaks, Burgers
-Location: Pink Gin Beach, St. George's, Grenada
Just off the airport road before the Grenadian by Rex Resorts, or take a daytime water taxi from the Carenage in St. George's.  I suggest taking a taxi as SGU buses don't go to often travel to this area.
-Hours: M-Sa 11am-10:30pm
-Phone: (473)-444-4455
-Price Range: $$-$$$
-Local Review

Boots Restaurant and Bar
-Cuisines: Caribbean
-Location:  Grand Anse Valley Road | Woodlands, St. George's 1473, Grenada. The public buses don't really pass through to this restaurant so I'd suggest riding a taxi. But if you take a public #1 bus, ask the conductor if he can take you to Grand Anse Valley to Woodlands End.  If he agrees, he might charge you a little extra.
-Hours: 11am-2pm; 7pm-10:30pm
-Phone: (473)-444-2151
-Price Range: $-$$$
-Lunch and Dinner (reservation required for dinner)
-Reviews (Tripadvisor)

-Cuisines:  Japanese
-Location:  Le Marquis Mall "Round Houses", Grand Anse. From SGU, take the Grand Anse Bus.  Knock on window immediately after seeing a soccer field.  The stop is immediately right after the sharp turn. 
-Hours:  M-F 11:30am-2pm; 6-9pm. Sa 12-2pm; 6-9pm. Su 6-9pm
-Phone:  (473) 439-5640

Carib Sushi at Options next to SGU has deals made especially for students.
-Location: True Blue (across street from Vet Clinic, one min. walk from front entrance of SGU
-Phone: (473) 439-8991
-Hours: M-F 11am-7pm

The Cave Restaurant
Type of food: International and local
Ideal for: special occasions, casual lunches, fine dining, holidays, views
Price range: $36 - $75
Sun 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Mon - Sat 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Phone: 473-444-4504

4.5/5 rating on TripAdvisor (out of 66 reviews)

About 10 min car drive from Grand Anse

Call for dinner reservations

delivery available (12pm-2:30pm; 5pm-9pm) Delivery Fee- Under 100EC- 5EC; Over 100EC- 10EC
-Cuisines:  Barbecue
-Location:  Embassy Row | Lance aux Epines, Grenada.  Take the Lance aux Epines bus from SGU and tell driver you want to get to Charcoals.  He will drop close by, if not in front of the restaurant.
-Price Range: $-$$
-Phone: (473) 440-4745
Hours: M 5-9pm; Tu-F 12-2:30pm, 5:30-9pm; Sa 12-9:30pm

**Choo Light
delivery available (M-F 12:30-2pm; 6pm-10pm)
-Cuisines: Chinese
-Location: Lance aux Epines, Grenada Take the Lance aux Epines Bus from SGU and tell driver you want to get to Choo Light. He will drop you close by if not right in front.
-Price range: $-$$
-Phone: (473) 444-2196

-Cuisines: Chinese
-Location: Spiceland Mall.  From SGU take the Grand Anse bus and get off in front of IGA.
-Hours: M-F 11am-7pm; Sa 11am-6pm; Su Closed
-Phone:  (473) 444-7849
-Price Range: $

Cloud 9 Bar and Grill
-burgers, wraps, quesadillas
-Location: True Blue
-Hours: 7 days a week 4pm-12am
-Phone: 1 (473) 409-9099

Coconut Beach
-Cuisines:  French Creole, Grenadian
-Location:  Grand Anse Beach. If you take a local #1 bus and tell them you want to get to Coconut Beach, they will drop you to the nearest stop. ~5min away from campus.
-Hours:  Daily 12:20am-10:30pm. Closed Tuesdays.
-Phone: (473) 444-4644
-Price Range:

Creole Shack
-Local Food
-superscreen TV, fully stocked bar; Karaoke nights- Sa and Su
-Location: St. George's downtown. From SGU, take the grand anse bus. get off at texaco. walk up around the corner towards roundabout to local bus stop. take a #1 bus to the last stop (bus terminal). facing bus terminal turn left and walk towards other end of bus terminal.  You will run into United Grocers Market.  Creole Shack is on the second level. 
-Hours: M-Th 7a,-10pm; F&Sa 7am- midnight; Su 7am-10pm
-phone: (473) 435-9376/77

De Big Fish
-Cuisines: Seafood, Local, Southwestern Fajitas, BBQ Ribs, Burgers, Pizza
-Location: Over the Bay at True Blue (Before Bananas), next to Spice Island Marina and the Coast Guard.  From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus. After passing bananas and right when you see a body of water with boats, knock on the window. Or tell bus driver where you want to get to.
-Hours: Daily 11am-11pm
-Phone: (473) 439-4401
-Happy Hour: Fr. and Sa 5-7pm Beer- 3 for 12EC; Gin, Vodka, Rum 2 drink for the price of 1
-Weekly specials:  Everyday they have a dish for 23EC (Something like:  M Mash, T Oil Down, W Chicken or Fish, Th Macaroni pie, Fr Fish Pie)
-Saturdays: Live Music
-Price Range: $$

Dodgy Dock
-Cuisines:  Caribbean, Mexican, Seafood, Tapas Bars, Tex-Mex, Vegetarian
-For breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner
-Location: True Blue Bay. 
-Hours: Daily from 7am-10pm
-Phone:  (473) 443-8783
-Price Range- $$
-Takes: reservations, Walk-Ins, good for groups, good for kids, take out, catering, waiter service, outdoor seating
-General Happy Hour; 5pm-6pm specials on drinks
-Dollar Wing Wednesdays. starts from 9pm till stock runs out.
-Acceptable forms of credit:  American Express, Mastercard, Visa.

Glover's Bistro
-Cuisines: Local, Italian, American, Pastries/Desserts, Coffee, Vegetarian
-Location: Saint George's University @ the student center
-Hours: M-F 7:30am-10pm; Sa & Su 8am-10am
-Phone: (473) 444-1286 Office/Catering (473) 444-3624
-Price Range:

Grill Master
-Cuisines- Local, American, Middle Eastern
-Location: Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse (Bus A)
-Hours: M-Th 8am-9pm; F & Sa 8am-10pm; Su Closed
-Phone: (473) 439-3377
-Price Range: $

Hot Boys Street Meat
delivery available (call for more info)
-Type of cuisine: Local
-Location: Wall Street, Grand Anse (take grand anse bus from SGU. Get off at Le Marquis roundhouses, the stop right next to grass field right after sharp turn).
-Hours: Fr-Sa 8pm-6am
-Phone: (473) 417-7222
Price Range:$

**La Boulangerie
delivery available (from 6pm- close) Minimum of 40EC for delivery
-Cuisines:  Italian, pizza, pasta, pastries, coffee
-Location:  Le Marquis Complex "Round Houses", Grand Anse
-Hours: M-Sa 8:30am-9:30pm; Su 9am-9:30pm
-Phone:  (473)444-1131
-Price Range: $-$$

Le Chateau
-Cuisines:  West Indian and International
-Location:  From SGU, take the Mount Tout bus.  Stop in front of Food Fair.  Walk back up the street (away from the stoplight). Restaurant will be on your right.  
-Hours:  M-F 8:30pm-12midnight; Sa 7pm-12midnight; Su 6pm- 12midnight
-Phone:  (473) 444-2552
-Price Range: $-$$
-Local Review 

La Luna
-Cuisines: Italian
-Location Morne Rouge;  From the SGU take the  Grand View Inn bus to last stop. Follow dirt road following water. La Luna is a ten min walk.  I'd like taking a taxi.
-Hours: Breakfast 7am-10:30 (last order goes in 9:30am); Lunch 12pm-3pm; Dinner 6:30-10:30 (last order goes in at 9:30pm and reservations required)
-Phone: (473) 439-0001; USA Toll Free 1+ (866)-4-LALUNA
-Price range: $-$$$
-Reviews on Tripadvisor

Le Papillion French Creole Cafe
-Cuisines : Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, French, sweets, fresh baked goods, coffee, dessert.
-Location: Siesta Hotel- Morne Rouge.  From SGU, take the Grand Anse or Grand View Inn bus. Bus stop in front of Siesta Hotel (past IGA). Let your bus driver know where you're going and he'll stop at the nearest stop.
-Hours: M-F 7am-6pm; Sa-Su 7am-4pm
-Phone: (473) 418-0639
-Price range: $$

Le Phare Blue
-Cuisines-seafood, italian, pizza, american
-Location: Petite Calvingy Bay
-Hours: Poolbar Restaurant- open daily for breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner; Lighthouse Ship Restaurant W-Sa 6:30pm
-Phone: (473) 444-2400
-Price Range: $-$$$

Mocha Spoke
-Hot and Cold coffee, espresso, waffles and assorted pastries
-Location:  On the way to SGU. Look for the sign at the rocky road immediately after Shawarma King (next to SGU)
-Phone: 1 (473) 533-2470 
-Hours:  M-F 7am-7pm; Sa, Su & Holidays 8am-4pm

**Macartney's Burger
delivery available (Su,M,T,Th from Grand Anse)
-Cuisines: american, vegetarian
-Location: Grand Anse (Right Behind Texaco on Maurice Bishop Highway. From SGU, take the Grand Anse Bus and get off at Texaco) and True Blue (Stand located next to the roundabout next to bananas).
-Phone: (473) 458-7242 (473) 415-3321
-Hours: 11am-2am (Grand Anse); W, F, Sa (True Blue late night. no delivery available).

The Merry Baker (Bakery)
-Fresh bread, croissants, ice cream, frozen meals, baguettes, specialties, meat pasties. South African style baked goods.
-Location: Port Louis
-Phone: (473) 435-6464
-Hours: M-F 7:30am-5pm; Sa 8am-1pm; Su and public holidays closed
-Directions: Directions:
From SGU, take the Grand Anse Bus.  Get off at Rubis Gas Station.  Walk up around the corner towards roundabout to local bus stop.  Take a #1 bus, St. George's (2.50EC).  Tell conductor you want to go to Port Louis.  Stop is right in front of village (immediately after stop light on top of hill). ~8min from school.

Mount Cinnamon
-Cuisines: fusion. local, italian, seafood, indian
-Location: Morne Rouge. From SGU take the Grand Anse Bus.  Get off at IGA.  Walk straight (same direction of bus in which you took) for ~3min.  You will cross a hump in the road and find Mt. Cinnamon on your left. It's hard to miss.
-Phone: (473) 439-4400, (473) 866-8009
-Hours: breakfast 8am-10:30am; dinner 6-9pm

**Mr. Chipotle's
Delivery Available (no minimum order required). No specific hours for delivery. Call to inquire.
-Cuisine: Mexican
-Location: Options (Huts Before Saint George's University; across street of vet clinic). Within walking distance of SGU.
-Hours: 7 days a week 11am-9pm
-Phone: (473) 418-0639
-Price Range: $

New York's Bagels
-Cuisines:  American, Bagels, Hamburgers, Kosher 
-Location: Wall Street, St. George's 00000, Grenada. SGU Student Center. SGU behind SD5.
-Hours: On Wall Street and Truck- M-Th 7am-8pm; F 7am-5pm; Sa closed; Su 9am-8pm. Student Center- Su-Fr 24 hrs; Fr Close 5:30pm; Sa Open 7pm
-Phone: (473)-442-2435
-Price Range $

Nick's Donut World
-Location: Dusty Highway in Lance Aux Epines. From SGU take Lance Aux Epines bus. Get off first stop after you pass intersection with tires in middle (next to colorful fruit stands).  Walk ~one min away from tires to immediate road on your right.   Walk down hill. Shop will be on left after electric plant area.
-Phone: (473) 457-1880, 457-7291, 444-2462
-Hours: M-Th 7:30am-5pm; F 7:30am-9pm (BBQ 6pm-9pm), Sa 7:30-5pm, Su closed

-Cuisines:  Pizza
-Location:  Prickly Bay (Calabash side) | Lance aux Epines, Grenada
-Hours: 7 days a week 7:30am -11pm
-Special Monday Deal- 1/2 Off Any Pizza. The catch is, you have to eat your pizzas there. You can't them home with you.
-Happy Hour: 5pm-7pm daily on selected drinks
-Phone:  (473) 439-5265
-Entertainment: Bingo, Trivia Night, Music.

The Red Crab
-Location: Lance Aux Epines. From SGU take Lance Aux Epines bus. Get off second stop after you pass 1st stop next to colorful fruit stands after tire intersection.  You should be able to see Red Crab sign from stop.
-Phone: (473) 444-4424
-Hours: M-Sa 11am-2pm 6pm-11pm; Su closed

Rhodes Restaurant
-Location: Calabash Resort Lance Aux Epines.  From SGU take LAE bus.  Tell driver you want to stop next to front entrance of Calabash Resort (found on LAE Beach)

**Rick's Cafe
delivery available; T-Su 6pm-9pm. Minimum order of 40EC for delivery.
-Cuisines: Pizza
-Location: At Foodfair Shopping Centre.  From SGU take the Mont Tout Bus.  Get off in front of Food Fair.  Rick's is in the same shopping centre.
-Hours: Tu-Sa 11am to 10pm; Su 4-9:30pm
-Phone: (473) 444-4597
-Price Range: $

Rumors Vegetarian Shack 
-Location: True Blue
-Phone: (473) 231-4988
-Hours: M-Sa 12pm-11pm

Schnitzel Haus 
-Location: Carenage
-Phone: (473) 456-2200
-Hours: M-F 11am-9pm; Sa-Su 11am-2pm

Shawarma King
-Location: True Blue. Right next to the front entrance of SGU.  Where the old Mocha Jumby used to be.
-Hours: Daily 8am- midnight
-Phone: (473) 439-9422  (473) 414-4699

Spice Isle Frozen Yogurt 
-Location: Excel Plaza. Take Mont Tout bus. Stops in front of Food Fair.
-Phone 1 (473) 456-4887

Sprinkles Ice Cream
-Location: By dock on True Blue campus
-Hours: M-F 11am-7pm; Sa-Su 3pm - TBD

-Cuisines: American, sandwiches
-Location: SGU campus student center
-Hours: M-Sa 7am-10pm; Su 11am-10pm
-Price Range: $
-Phone: (473) 444-7827

Sugar Shack
-Cuisines: Local
-Location: SGU campus next Vet Lab
-Hours: M-F 7:30am-9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm, store at 9pm); Sa 9am-8:15pm; Su closed
-Phone: (473) 444-2095

Sur La Mer Bar and Restaurant 
-Location: BBC Beach, Morne Rouge
-breakfast, lunch, dinner
-Phone: (473) 444-3737
-Hours: Breakfast 7am-10:30am; Lunch 12pm-3pm; Dinner 6pm-10pm
-Reviews on Tripadvisor

Sweet Traditions Bakery Cafe
-Local Pastries, Desserts, Lunch, Smoothies, Coffee, Soft Serve Ice Cream
-Location: St. George's Downtown. From SGU take the Grand Anse or Grand View Inn bus. Get off at Texaco. Walk up around the corner towards roundabout to local bus stop. Take a #1 bus to St. George's (2.50EC).  Get off at last stop.  Walk towards the other end of the bus terminal, pass bootleg DVD wall.  Bakery will be on your left (past front entrance of Esplanade Mall).
-Phone: (473) 440-1600
-Hours: M-Th 8am-6:30pm; Fr 8am-7:30pm; Sa 8am-6:30; Su Closed 

Tortuga Italian Wine and Bar
-Location: Le Marquis Complex, Grand Anse
-sandwiches, liquor, wine
-Phone 1 (473) 439 1919

delivery available (Delivery: Weekdays 11:30am-8:30pm ; Fr & Sa 11:30am-9:30pm; Su 11:30-7:30pm)
-Cuisines: American- Burgers Chicken Wings, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Fish N Chips, Cocktails
-Location: Grand Anse Beach (From SGU take Grand Anse bus. Stop at pavilion. walk towards beach. Umbrellas will be on your right. Walking: walk towards beach from soccer field in front of IGA past lifeguard tower. Turn left and walk about one block up.  You will see wooden tables and umbrellas to your left).
-Hours: Tu-Th 12pm-9pm; Fr-Sa 12pm-10pm; Su 12pm-8pm
-Phone: (473) 439-9149
-Delivery #: 415-8109
-Price Range: $

The University Club
-Cuisines: International- Local, Burgers, Sandwiches, Seafood, Soups, Salads, Steaks
-Serves: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
-Location: Lance aux Epines. From SGU take the Lance aux Epines bus all the way to the last stop.
-Hours: Breakfast 7am-9:30am M-F; Sa 8am-10am; Closed Sundays and public Holidays
Lunch- 12pm-2pm daily; Dinner 6:30-10pm
-Phone: 473-439-2001 - Reception and reservations
-Price Range: $-$$$

Victory Bar & Restaurant (Port Louis)
-Hours: M-S &am-11pm
-Good for: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Drinks
-Attire: Casual
-Walk-Ins, good for kids, good for groups, take outs, catering, waiter service, outdoor seating
-Takes: Visa, American Express, Master Card
-Phone: (473) 435 7263
-Happy Hour everyday 5pm-8pm
-Reviews on Tripadvisor
-visit their Facebook Page
-Directions:  From SGU take the Grand Anse Bus.  Get off at Rubis Gas Station.  Walk up around the corner towards roundabout to local bus stop.  Take a #1 bus, St. George's (2.50EC).  Tell conductor you want to go to Port. Louis.  Stop is right in front of village (past stop light on top of hill). ~8min from school.  Walk down pavement, pass colorful shops. When you see turquoise restrooms, turn left.

Whisper Cove Marina and Meat and Meat Butcher Shop
-Location: Clarke's Court Bay, Lower Woburn, St. George's
-Hours: Breakfast Tu-Su 9am-11am; Lunch Tu-Su 12pm-2pm; Dinner Th Fr Sa 6pm-8:30pm
-Phone: 1 (473) 444-5296
-Website + Menus
* Meat and Meat Market Butcher Shop
-Hours: M-Sa 8am-6pm
Su 10am-5pm
-Phone:  1 (473) 456 7647

-Butcher's Pricelist

Xin Yuan Garden (Chinese Fast food)
-Location: Right next door to Texaco on Maurice Bishop Highway.  Facing the gas station, it will be on your left.   Take the SGU Grand Anse bus and stop at Texaco.
-Hours: M-Sa 11:30am-3PM; 4PM-9:30PM
Sundays and holidays closed
-Phone: (473) 444-5161
-Menu included in entry

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