Sunday, September 11, 2011

Caramelized Buttertoast- Grandma's Secret Weapon That Won Me Over

Wait, I know this toast looks like an ordinary piece of toast but may I remind you that -looks can be deceiving hahahah.  Based on the amount of friends that have never experienced this ridiculously delicious, cheap and easy to make toast (all of them), I've come to the conclusion that most others are also are unfamiliar with it so I decided to make an entry to let you in on this valued recipe.

Grandma made this toast for me all the time during my childhood. If I didn't know the science behind making it, I would think that it originated from a gourmet kitchen. Simple yet mouthwatering, this dessert will always be a part of my heart, soul, and of course, my stomach.  Thanks grams for introducing me to the ambrosia of earth.  Love ya!

Disclaimer: you may well get addicted without knowing it.

  • a day or two old white bread (or wheat) I find that the flavor of the butter comes out better with white. 
  • pat of butter (a big one of course)
  • sugar 
1. Bring a nonstick pan up to temp. Without a nonstick pan, you will be unable to caramelize sugar on top.
2. place a pat of butter and swish it around pan to coat bottom. Medium-low heat. add two slices of bread into pan as soon as butter melts.
3.  once butter has been absorbed, move slices to the side of pan and add another pat of butter. flip slices over and repeat.
4.  once bread has absorbed butter, immediately sprinkle a good layer of white sugar on top. you want to get the sugar onto the wet butter so when you flip it over, it will stay on nicely.
5.  once face side down is done toasting, flip sugar side down and wait till sugar caramelizes.  Let sit for a couple of min. before eating to allow sugar to hardened . enjoy!

*Click Here for a Cooking Dictionary

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