Friday, April 6, 2012

Xin Yuan Garden- Chinese Fast Food

-Location: Right next door to Texaco on Maurice Bishop Highway.  Facing the gas station, it will be on your left.   Take the SGU Grand Anse bus and stop at Texaco.
-Hours: M-Sa 11:30am-3PM; 4PM-9:30PM
Sundays and holidays closed
-Phone: (473) 444-5161
-Menu included below

You know that loud yellow and green building you pass by almost everyday while going to and coming back from school?  Have you ever wondered about how Chinese food would taste in Grenada... if there were even Chinese people working inside?  I have (haha) and last night, I decided to put wonders aside. 

About this restaurant:
*Though there were many customers ahead of me (4), my order came out in 15min. tops (I ordered two meals) 
*Their food is not as addicting as the food from the Chinese lady located at the SGU gazeboo (yay, because that probably means there's little to no MSG in it). Despite the fact, the food tasted good (simple).
*Their meals are really cheap for what you get!  They give a lot of rice compared to meat so you may want to order a side of extra meat (like fried chicken wings MmmMMm)
*They serve beer and soda
*The have a little TV you can watch while you eat
*The have plenty of large tables
*They have a separate front patio where you can hang out
*There's a bar/pool table/karaoke next door called South Breeze
*They have nice workers
*It's one of the few restaurants that closes late
*You can order to go
*Yes, there are actual Chinese workers inside hahah.
Fried Chicken MMMmmm

Food review:
*Their fried chicken is garlicky. It's tender and has a lot of batter. It's soooooo goooooood and such a great deal. I ordered  chicken on it's own and got 6 wings for 9EC.  I don't eat fried chicken often but when I do, I'm coming back here (Dody Dock also has great wings...dollar Wednesdays (from 5:30), but just in case you want something close by, this is the place to go).
*Their sweet and sour chicken is the battered deep fried kind with a corn starch kind of sauce.  It was delicious (just as almost every Chinese fast food sweet n sour chicken is.  Though the chunks of chicken aren't as big as that of as Panda express, it was still good).
*Beef with pepper in black bean sauce-  If you know Chinese food well, you'll know that black bean type dishes are most likely to be drenched in black bean sauce.  This dish was not. If I didn't know the title of this dish, I would've never guessed that there was black bean sauce in it.  It tasted more like a soy sauce stir fry with a distinct green bell pepper taste.  It was simple but good. 
*Roasted chicken with special sauce:  The chicken was cooked nicely.  It was tender and the skin was still intact, contributing flavor to the dish. The sauce was made of soy sauce, corn starch, and maybe some chicken broth.  It was simple.  I enjoyed the chicken the most because it tasted like simple roasted chicken.
*Their fried rice is different from the usual fried rice you would get in America.  They use local rice and local rice can be a little on the dry side.  On the bright-side, at least it's not drenched in oil... so no worries about feeling weighed down at the end of your meal.
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Sweet and Sour Chicken

Roasted Chicken with Special Sauce
Front Patio
Beef with Pepper in Black Bean Sauce

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