Tuesday, August 30, 2011

La Boulangerie Review

Click here for the La Boulangerie menu. 
*Free Delivery from 6p.m. to the south of the island. Phone: 473-444-1131
*Hours: Open 7 days a week:  Mon.-Sat. 8:30-21:30 + Sun. 9:00-21:30 
*Location: Le Marquis "round houses" in Grand Anse, Grenada Across the street from the field. From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus.  Push the stop button or knock on window right after you pass the Movie Palace (big orange complex) or tell the drive you want to stop at the roundhouses. 
*Sitting available both inside and outside 
It's been said that La Boulangerie is the best Italian Restaurant on the Island... It's more like, the only Italian Restaurant on the island hahaha. Well, it's the only one that is within close proximity of Saint George's University.  That being said, thankfully, it does serve great fulfilling pastas and pastries at decent prices.

I've tried their shrimp pasta in a creamy tomato sauce (jumbo frozen shrimp, but still tasty... a little on the oily side), Bolognese (meat sauce MmmmM, oily as well), chocolate croissant (light on the butter, great taste), jam pastry, chicken sandwich (Chicken breast could be a little more tender but other than that, flavor is delicious. I keep buying them.), tuna sandwich (canned tuna, yummy).  Their pizza for me, is better than Rick's... but you pay a little more for it and also get a smaller sized pizza.  So far, Prickly Bay's pizza is the best in Grenada.

Also, their Calzones (big pizza pocket) are humungous. One can easily feed 2 people.

Tip: If you're eating out late night, wear insect repellant or better yet, pants to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

Pastas range from $24-43EC,
Pizzas range from $35-44EC
Sandwiches ranging from $11-15EC

They also have a wide array of pastries/desserts and also carry red and white wines.
sometimes they have specials
happy campers
Chicken Sandwiches
strawberry jam pastry Mmmm

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