Saturday, February 11, 2012

Umbrella's- Review

Lighthouse Burger- 6oz patty, pineapple, bbq sauce.
-Cuisines: American- Burgers Chicken Wings, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Fish N Chips, Cocktails
-Location: Grand Anse Beach (From SGU take Grand Anse bus. Stop at pavilion (the stop after IGA). walk towards beach and turn right. Umbrellas will be on your right. Walking: walk towards beach from soccer field in front of IGA past lifeguard tower. Turn left and walk about one block up.  You will see wooden tables and umbrellas to your left).
-Hours: Tu-Th 12pm-9pm; Fr-Sa 12pm-10pm; Su 12pm-8pm
Delivery: Weekdays 11:30am-8:30pm ; Fr & Sa 11:30am-9:30pm; Su 11:30=7:30pm
-Phone: (473) 439-9149
-Price Range: $
-Attire- casual
-seating and Bar available
-Click here for their Menu
Virgin Pina Colada.
OMG BBQ Maco Ribs.  The best meat I've tasted on the island.  They sure know how to cook their ribs. I dream about then day and night.
Catch of the Day Sandwich
Catch of the day fish on top on caesar salad.  I'd suggest asking for dressing on side you regulate amount.
Nachoes. Delicious, But I must warn you that they don't have traditional tortilla chips.  Instead, imitation Dorito like chips hahaha. Delicious cheese, Delicious jalapenos, delicious salsa.
Sweet potato fries.
Carriacou Fish Bites
To sum my experience up at Umbrella's-- great atmosphere, perfect location on the Grand Anse beach front, great prices, and great tasting food.  I went here to celebrate my friend, Grace's B-day so with her B-day celebration came a big feast.  What's a B-day without a big feast right?   
It's been 7 months and I haven't had a decent burger (I have high standards... In-N-Out hahaha).  Spiceland Mall's Grill Master's burger was a complete fail for me (I don't know what kind of patty that was and the buns were like dense dinner rolls).  Rick's Cafe had a better burger, but still, it lacked the burger spark.  So far, Umbrella's is in the lead for best burger (of the three I tasted so far here in Grenada).  ***Update. I just had Banana's burger and they also have a traditional American hamburger patty and bun (I love their bun the best. it's the one with sesame seeds on top ahah).  I enjoyed it so much and along with Umbrella's burger, it's in my top 2 burgers in all Grenada.

I ordered the flip flop burger and the lighthouse burger (a regular burger + pineapple and BBQ sauce) for my studious husband back home.  Both tasted like your traditional angus burger.  I order them all the time.  Don't forget to ask them how you want your burger done.

Best thing about Umbrellas is they offer delivery earlier than all the other restaurants, that normally start delivery at 6pm.  Keith, the owner, is the fastest with getting orders out.
Flip Flop Burger
I also tasted their Carriacou Love Bites- deep fried battered fish bites (MMMm), Sweet Potato Fries (MMmmm Delicious!), and  their Mocha Jumbie dessert (house made brownies topped with ice cream, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream (mMmm)).  Large portions for all. I highly suggest everything!
Mocha Jumbie for the Birthday girl
Service- On non peak weekdays, lightning speed, on weekends, expect to wait a bit longer, but for one of the busiest restaurants in Grenada, service is considered fast for me, on busy days.  Our waitress was super nice.  She knew about Grace's B-day and decided for the Dessert to be on the house. 
Tips: Nights can get pretty busy.  Try going at an earlier time.  Bring a change of clothing along with flip flops and a plastic bag just in case you want to get wet and hang out on the beach.  Also, don't forget to wear sunglasses and sunscreen as the sun can be pretty intense at times.  10EC to rent the white chairs.  You might want to wear insect repellent if you plan on eating inside (both day time and night).

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