Wednesday, March 6, 2013

La Luna Resort, Spa, Bar, and Restaurant.

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When I hear La Luna I think... breathtaking views, beautiful, delightful, fun, exciting, uniquely themed, perfect ambiance, relaxing, breezy, and so much more. 

The first two times I visited this resort, it was for work and I didn't have time to grab a bite to eat, but on my third visit, I was lucky to have been able to come back with Busy Bee Brian to celebrate his 30th birthday.

Our Italian themed food was pleasant from start to finish with nice clean/simple flavors (though I found the Pumpkin soup to be a little too simple and the Torta Caprese dessert a little on the cumbly side), and I could tell that our dishes were made using fresh quality meats and produce.  

I've experienced a lot of overcooked seafood in my 2 years here in Grenada and I was so happy to have had perfectly cooked scallops, shrimp, and fish for our special birthday dinner.

To top things off at the end of our dinner, their staff greeted us with a birthday dessert, on the house.  A birthday cake and candle with a jazzed up happy birthday song, a warm gentle breeze, nature sounds, no mosquitoes, and cheerful smiling faces... our birthday celebration was perfect. 

For quality seafood, breathtaking views, and a good time... I think La Luna has it all.  Some people think dinner is a bit pricey, but it will all depend on your taste buds and budget.  You'll never know until you try it our for yourself. 

P.S.  Our food came out super fast the night we visited, but waiting times will depend on how busy it is. Whatever country you're coming from, try to bear in mind that you're in a different country that has a different operating system.  Also, everything is cooked fresh.  If you sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself, your food, and your company... time will be on your side. 

-Cuisines: Italian
-Location Morne Rouge;  From the SGU take the  Grand View Inn bus to last stop. Follow dirt road following water. La Luna is a ten min walk.  I like taking a taxi. (from IGA, ~ 10min drive.  road is pretty bad getting there, but soon it will be fixed.  La Luna is also in the process of expanding).
-Hours: Breakfast 7am-10:30 (last order goes in 9:30am); Lunch 12pm-3pm; Dinner 6:30-10:30 (last order goes in at 9:30pm and reservations required)
-Phone: (473) 439-0001; USA Toll Free 1+ (866)-4-LALUNA
-Price range: $-$$$
-Reviews on Tripadvisor

Seafood Spaghetti (fish of the day, clams, shrimp, scallops in a red sauce)
Freshly baked dinner rolls, and crisp thyme focaccia with butter.
Grenadian Pumpkin and Ginger Soup
Seafood Brodetto (shrimp, scallops, catch of day with garlic bread)
Tonno e Fagioli (tuna filet, olive oil, white beans, onion, and celery)

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