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Whisper Cove Marina Restaurant, Meat and Meat Butcher Shop, and Bar. Grenada, West Indies.

Whisper Cove Marina Restaurant
-Location: Clarke's Court Bay, Lower Woburn, St. George's (Not far from tire roundabout next to Gas Station Grand Anse ~5-10min drive.  I suggest taking a taxi.  Call restaurant for exact directions if you plan on driving yourself.
-Hours: Breakfast Tu-Su 9am-11am; Lunch Tu-Su 12pm-2pm; Dinner Th Fr Sa 6pm-8:30pm
-Phone: 1 (473) 444-5296
-Website + Menus

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 Meat and Meat Market Butcher Shop
-Hours: M-Sa 8am-6pm
Su 10am-5pm
-Phone: 1 (473) 444-5296 or 1 (473) 456 7647
-Butcher's Pricelist
(They also have a location in True Blue, next to Bananas.  If you call their main shop, they will transport your order from the cove to the branch next to campus.  Also you may request for your meats to be cut certain ways).

I wish I found out about this place as soon as I landed in Grenada.  Of all Grenadian restaurants I've eaten at,  Whisper Cove Restaurant wins the award for most hearty and most American-like.  If you know Grenada at all, you know that meat isn't as common as seafood and chicken on restaurant menus... so this restaurant was a nice big surprise for my American soul.

I tried out their organic Filet Mignon steak (cooked rare) and I enjoyed it very much even considering that I'm not a meat kind of person to begin with. My husband, Brian ordered his medium and the main difference between the two was my meat was much more chewy.  If I were to order it again, I would go with medium rare for texture purposes.  Overall, nice, clean, fresh, and flavorful.  We even ran into a group of 3 other students while there and they dropped by the Meat and Meat market to load up on some vacuum sealed Filet Mignon steaks.  

I also tried out my friends Surf and Turf (Filet Mignon + Lobster) and boy was this my favorite dish.  Their lobster must have been the best tasting, best seasoned lobster I've had in all Grenada.  I hope you try it out and I hope they're consistent with their cooking.

Their starters were interesting and fresh as well, but just having the main course on its own would've been more than enough to satisfy my cravings.  Pate was very raw and gamey and the salmon + capers was just like the smoked salmon you would get in America.

For desserts, I would get the Baklava and skip out on the cheesecake.  If you visit the Red Crab, their cheesecake packs a much bigger punch.

A word of caution:  Load up on bug repellant or wear a long skirt or pants when dining at night.  They have so many mosquitoes that they give mosquito killing racquets out.  This is due to the fact that they're located right next to water.  Just as long as your protect yourself, you shouldn't be bothered by the mosquitoes.

I don't know if the whole mosquito situation is any better during daytime.  I'm sure if you call the restaurant, they will let you know.
The Restaurant has lots of cute little local art pieces on its walls.
Surf and Turf. 
Filet Mignon 
Starter: Smoked Salmon
Cheesecake and Baklava

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