Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Merry Baker, Port Louis. Grenada, West Indies.

The best baked goods in Grenada, at the best prices. 
Looking for a legit delicious cinnamon bun in Grenada?  Look no further. It may be that I've just been away too long from American cinnamon buns that's making this bun more appealing, but either way, I must say that as of now, this bakery has got to have the best cinnamon bun (they call them "Chelsea Buns") in the whole world.  They're always baked fresh daily and infuse the bakery with a heavenly fresh cinnamon aroma.  What do I love about this bun?...  The fact that they're always perfectly balanced and not to mention, well presented.  The last time I visited this bakery last week, I ate two of them.  Initially, I bought one for myself and one for my husband, but the one for my husband didn't make it home on the bus ride...  instead it found its way into my stomach hahahaha.  My husband understood why such an incident would happen. 

They also have other baked goods that are worth trying out.  I've only tasted about 6 other baked treats (which all have been pleasant- peanut cookies, frankie dog (MmM), chicken and mayo bun, ham bun, olive bread (Mmm), whole wheat loaf (Mmm), and I can guarantee you that I will try everything else they have to offer before I leave Grenada this May.

Did I mention that this bakery is located in one of cutest spots in Grenada, Port Louis, and is run by the cutest couple (Merry and Nigel) with the cutest little story?  Check out their website below to find out how the magic all started.  Also, their baked goods are South African style which is so cool and unique.

They also did some catering for a friend's daughter's birthday party.  They make custom little apple pies with star shaped crust topping and they turned out just delicious.  There were also a few other baked treats that were also awesome.  My friend was one happy customer with one happy daughter (pictures immediately below). 

And lastly,  they sell their goods at Saint George's University on certain days (details below) so you don't have to make a trip out to their bakery, though I must say, that it would be more than worth your time to get out there to check out their cute little bakery (also check out Port Louis). 

I hope you make it out to try their delicious baked goods.  I wish I found out about them back in Aug. 2011.  

Special requests by arrangement

White bread – full loaf, half loaf
Wholewheat – full loaf, half loaf
Multigrain – full loaf, half loaf
Dinner Rolls – white, whole wheat, m/grain
Hamburger buns
Seed h/burger buns
Hotdog rolls
Portuguese rolls
Savoury shell rolls
Sweet potato shell rolls
Cheese buns
Herb & garlic buns
Chicken mayo & cheese buns
Ham & cheese buns
Raisin buns
Raisin bread
Chelsea buns
Grissini sticks (200g)
Garlic & herb crostini (100g)
Olive bread
Onion & caraway rye
Rum & raisin brioche
Pumpkin bread
Cheese, herb & garlic twists
Rum & raisin brioche

Special requests by arrangement

Caramel squares
Jam squares
Choc crunch
Greek shortbread
Oat crunchies
Peanut butter

(½ liter)

Passion fruit

FROZEN MEALS (2 Portions)
Special requests by arrangement

Cape butternut bobotie (vegetarian)
Mild chicken curry
Chicken lattice pie
Stroganoff meatballs

Pot pies by request

Cornish (beef & vegetable)
Pepper steak
Ham & Cheese
Sausage rolls
Frankie Dogs

Please note: Special requests to be placed at least 2 days before collection.


Click HERE to visit their website for more details and to read up on how they got started.

Mondays - Fridays: 7:30am to 5:00pm
Saturdays: 8:00am to 1:00pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed
Port Louis, Lagoon Road, St George's, Grenada

1 (473) Bakery phone: 1 (473) 435 6464
Nigel Cell: 1 (473) 410 2737
Merry Cell: 1 (473) 458 646435 6464

Build A Burger Fridays (10EC)
(house baked buns, beef patty and filling selection: lettuce, caramelized onions, tomato, pickles, cheese, pineapple, mayo, mustard, ketchup, salt, pepper)
From 11:30am -  around 2pm

Saint George's University Hours 
(located at the gazebos on top of the hill in back of student center, next to Alumni Hall and across of Bourne Hall) 
T,W,TH 10:30am-4:30pm

From SGU, take the Grand Anse Bus.  Get off at Rubis Gas Station.  Walk up around the corner towards roundabout to local bus stop.  Take a #1 bus, St. George's (2.50EC).  Tell conductor you want to go to Port Louis.  Stop is right in front of village (immediately after stop light on top of hill). ~8min from school.

In the little time I was at The Merry Baker for their Burger Friday, there was so much traffic (~35 people).  Everything was just perfect.  Atmosphere, burger deal, fix ins and best of all, dessert hahaha. 

Build A Burger Fridays

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