Monday, September 17, 2012

Sweet Traditions Bakery Cafe. Saint George's. Grenada, West Indies.

I have to say that this is the most legit bakery in Grenada.  They have a wide selection of baked goods at great prices and they have a lot of customers daily (high turn over rates= everything's always fresh).  

Their treats have a certain style to them, different from what I'm accustomed to in America.  For example, their cheesecakes are more on the whipped cream like than the traditional American, dense and rich, cheesecake.  All differences aside, I think that they're great and that everything is worth trying out.  There aren't that many bakeries around the island to begin with and with the ones that exist, this one is my favorite. 

Chairs and tables are available inside and best of all, the bakery is air conditioned.  Also, If you have other shopping to do (souveniers, postcards, clothes, shoes) Esplanade Mall is the place to be.   

My favorites:
*Brownie (Sometimes they over-bake them a bit, making them a little chewy. MmMmm)
*Corn Muffin. Corn Bread, Heck Yea!
*Butter Bread right out of the oven (the butter is more prominent this way)
*Their Chicken is various sauces are really good in flavor and size too!
*Beef Grande Patty (I like these patties better than the traditiona Jamaican patty since they're not nearly as oily)

Business Information
-Local Pastries, Desserts, Lunch, Smoothies, Coffee, Soft Serve Ice Cream
-Location: Esplanade Mall. St. George's Downtown. From SGU take the Grand Anse or Grand View Inn bus. Get off at Texaco. Walk up around the corner towards roundabout to local bus stop. Take a #1 bus to St. George's (2.50EC).  Get off at last stop.  Walk towards the other end of the bus terminal, pass bootleg DVD wall.  Bakery will be on your left (past front entrance of Esplanade Mall).
-Phone: (473) 440-1600
-Hours: M-Th 8am-6:30pm; Fr 8am-7:30pm; Sa 8am-6:30; Su Closed
-Menu Down Below

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***All prices are in EC

Lunch & Soup Specials Available Daily
Full 15
Half 9.95

Regular 4.95
Large 7.95

Enjoy Our New Chicken Meals, Chicken Portions and Chicken with Fried Bakes.  Available Daily in your Favorite Flavors.
Sweet and Sour
Honey Mustard
Mild or Hot

3 Pieces (1 flavor)
6 Pieces (up to 2 flavors)
9 Pieces (up to 3 flavors)
12 Pieces (up to 4 flavors)

Signature Butter Bread Melt (All Served with Cheese)
Cheese 5.50
Salted Salami 6.95
Honey Ham 6.95
Turkey Breast 7.50

Soft Served Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate Twist)
Cake Cone 4.50
Sugar Cone 4.75
Waffle Cone 5.95
Cup 6.95

"Sweet" Chillers
Frozen Chocolate Truffle 9.95
Ice Blended Coffees 12.25
Crunch Coffees 13.95
Frozen Frappes (coffee free) 10.95
Frozen Chai Lattes 11.95
Non-Fat Yoghurt Smoothies 9.95
Tropical Fruit Smoothies 7.50

Whipped Cream 1.50
Add Chocolate or Caramel Sauce 1.00

small (2.50)  medium (2.95)  large(3.50)  jumbo (5.75)

Iced Tea
small (1.95)  medium (2.50)  large (2.95) jumbo (4.95)

small (2.75)  medium (3.50)  large (3.95)

Hot Chocolate 3.50
Tea (Regular) 2.50
Tea (Earl Grey or Herbal) 3.50
Coffee (Instant) 4.50
Coffee (Brewed) 5.95
Cappuccino 5.00
Chai Tea Latte 6.75

Chicken and More
6 piece portion  (regular 10.50  with sauce 11.00)
9 piece portion  (regular 15.50  with sauce 16.50)
12 piece portion  (regular 19.95  with sauce 21.75)
3 pieces & fried bake  (regular 5.95  with sauce 6.50)
3 pieces & one side (regular 9.50  with sauce 9.99)
6 pieces & one side (regular 15.50  with sauce 15.99)

New Chillers
Iced Cappuccino 8.50
Tropical Fruit Smoothies (Mango, Banana Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Kryptonite)

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