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The Beach House Restaurant, Grenada- Review

-Cuisines:  International- American, Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, Seafood, Steaks, Burgers 
-Location: Pink Gin BeachSt. George'sGrenada.  Just off the airport road before the Grenadian by Rex Resorts, or take a daytime water taxi from the Carenage in St. George's.
-Hours: M-Sa 11am-10:30pm
-Phone: (473)-444-4455 (call ahead for reservations to avoid hassle)
-Price Range: $$-$$$
-MENU (prices and descriptions)

I had the pleasure of celebrating my friend , Grace's, B-day at this restaurant and boy did we have a celebration.

Had it not been for good company and heavenly butter accompanied by herb rolls, I would've noticed that service was slow (from an American point of view- slow.  From a Grenadian point of view- fast. hahaha).  Considering the fact that there were a decent amount of people to be tended to and also, the fact that everything is cooked fresh, I'd say that the wait wasn't bad at all.  The group was welcomed with smiles and the waiter was nice and took more than just one group picture of us without being told to do so.  Brownie points for him.
You can order on your own or go with the set menu (3 course, 130EC/person).
  • Duck- My favorite. Simple yet delicious.  It was so tender and flavourful unlike anything else I've ever tasted.  I'm not one hundred percent sure, but from what I can tell, the sauce it was cooked in was a balsamic type vinegar reduction.  It was smoky and had a hint of sweetness to it.  This  dish won my heart and I would highly suggest it. 
  • Eggplant Parmesan (vegetarian)- nothing special about this dish and I wouldn't suggest getting it.  It was a little on the bland side and I can tell the eggplant was boiled instead of fried in oil (less flavorful).
  • Scallops-  Just because they're so rare to find on the island, I say yes, I suggest getting them.  What was special about the scallops was not what they were seasoned in but more how they were cooked.  Tender and juicy, these scallops were definitely a treat.
  • Shrimp- Your usual grilled Cajun type seasoned shrimp. It was a little on the salty side and I wouldn't get this dish again.
  • Fish of the day- baked- Let's just say that I would have rather used the money to buy my own fish to marinade. The fish was good but a little on the naked side.  It wasn't dressed in anything special.   Fried-  mmmMMmm.  Then again, how can you mess up battered fried fish?
  • Tiramisu- I'm not even a coffee fan and I loved it.  Big portion and not too sweet. It had a nice coffee flavor and it was cute.  For presentation, they dusted the top off with cocoa power. 
  • Guava Cheesecake-  I loved it and it was a big slice too! The guava flavor is more prominent in the topping more than it is in the actual cheesecake slice.
  • Citrus Meringue- MMmmmmMm.  They made their meringue crunchy in texture.  It paired well with their passion fruit slurry and whipped cream.  the citrus part shines out throughout the dessert.  It can be a little sweet for those without a sweet tooth. 
  • Tuna tartare-  I didn't like the flavor and texture.  I've been spoiled in San Francisco with fresh delicious raw tuna, and this was no where near as good.  
  • Dinner Rolls and Butter- MMMMmmmmMMmmmm.  I dream about the butter until this day.  It's so creamy and delicious.
  • Crab Rangoons-  How can you go wrong with crab?  They were served with a delightful cilantro duck sauce (though the duck wasn't obvious).  For 35EC, you make them at home and get 45 Crab Rangoons instead of 4 hahah.  Need a recipe? Click here for my recipe.
Dim lighting.  Sounds of the waves right next to you.  Elevator type music played in the background. They have a cool lounge area around the bar for people that want to hang out closer to the beach side.  Hookahs available.
Very reasonable for the wide array of food they have available.  I would come back again for all of their desserts and certain dishes that stuck out to me (duck and scallops).  
I called to ask about dress code and the guy on the phone said "Just dress nice." hahahaha.
My Beautiful Friends Angela (left) and Grace the Birthday Girl (right)
*Bottom Line-
Did I mention that I loved their Duck breast? Haha.  Great location, great dessert (from what I've tasted so far in Grenada, the best), great duck, butter, and scallops.  I highly suggest this restaurant, especially for special occasions.  If you're looking to not spend so much money, they have a decently priced lunch menu!!!
Brian, Byung, And Wing (our adorable husbands)
*Tips-  Don't forget to make reservations and don't forget to wear insect repellent!  The mosquitoes in Grenada are persistent and unforgiving.  I suggest taking a taxi to this restaurant as it is not conveniently located on a main local bus route.  Don't forget to bring your camera!  

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