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Le Papillion French Creole Cafe Review. Grenada, West Indies.

Angela and Grace. Partners in Crime.
-Good For: breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, fresh baked bread and pastries, coffee, dessert, special occasions
-Location: Siesta Hotel- Morne Rouge.  From SGU, take the Grand Anse or Grand View Inn bus. Bus stop in front of Siesta Hotel (past IGA). Let your bus driver know where you're going and he'll stop at the nearest stop. 
-Hours: M-F 7am-6pm; Sa-Su 7am-4pm
-Phone: (473) 418-0639
-Price range: $$
-Check out Le Papillion's Facebook Page for updates, special deals, and menu changes

I had the pleasure of celebrating my great friend, Angela's birthday at Le Papillion Cafe along with a couple of other great friends Grace and Yunah.  This restaurant was perfect for our birthday celebration: There was a nice breeze coming in throughout our whole stay, service was great, Angela was given a free birthday cake, they had a fun and interesting menu, an SGU bus stop is conveniently located right in front of cafe, the food is reasonably priced (for its out of ordinary unique selections), and there are loads of options for desserts.

Their items overall are a bit more in price than your average Grenadian local food meals, but you can say that prices justified by the uniqueness of their selection, cute cafe ambiance, and convenient location.  Oh, not to mention the freshness of their house baked goods.

From what I've herd from friends and their friends and family, this place is a favorite and I can see why.

As far as taste goes, some items were good to at least try once and there are others that I'll be ordering again on my next visit.

What we ordered:
*Mango Smoothie -  tangy and not so sweet (no milk used)
*Iced Blended Cappuccino - A light blended, not nearly as sweet "frappuccino"
*Apple Ricotta Fritters - A deep fried ricotta and apple batter.  I'd definitely get these again. They're delightful, fun, and tasty.
*Goat Cheese Tomato Tart with Beet Root Salad - the Goat Cheese Tomato Tart was my favorite item of all.  I highly suggest for everyone to try it out.  At first I thought that the tart would be too strong because of the goat cheese, but that wasn't the case at all.  There's great balance between all of the ingredients. The salad was simple and I was hoping to get more flavor out of the beet root. 
*Sticky Cinnamon Swirl- I didn't get to try it.
*Pork Terrine with Toasted Walnut and Raisin Bread- I didn't enjoy the Pork Terrine because it was a bit on the bland side, though the goat cheese was subtle and delicious.  Their Walnut Raisin bread was nice too. 
*Morning Glory Bread (The first time I tried it, it wasn't sweet enough for me, and the second time around, it was too sweet hahaha).  Sweetness aside, it tastes like a lighter version of a carrot cake combination of some sorts.
*I ordered a roast beef sandwich to go for my husband.  All I remember is him taking the top part of his sandwich off because the bread was too thick for him.  He said that the sandwich was ok. From what I saw, they don't put much in the sandwich besides roast beef.  They also include a side of house made pickles.

I met the owner of this restaurant and she's very very nice. When I talked to her, she told me that she tries to keep the menu fun and interesting.  She's definitely doing a great job at it.  I'll be coming back to try the other items on the menu. 

Angela, Grace, Yunah
Housemade Jams.  I really really liked their Guava Jam.  It's sooo good, but the other two jams (orange marmalade, nutmeg) were too bitter for me. 
Mango Smoothie.  It's tangy and fresh tasting. Not sweet at all. 
Apple Ricotta Fritters 
Pork Terrine with Goat Cheese w/ Toasted Walnut Raisin Bread
Sticky Cinnamon Swirl 
Bottom: Tomato Goat Cheese Tart and Beet Root Salad
Complimentary Morning Glory B-Day Cake for Angela. Yaaay. 
Sweet Treats Menu
group shot downstairs at Siesta check in counter in front of a big mirror
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