Monday, December 17, 2012

Prickly Bay Marina Restaurant. Grenada, West Indies.

-Pizza, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, Wine, Cocktails
-Location: Prickly Bay (Calabash side) | Lance aux Epines, Grenada
-Hours: 7 days a week 7:30am -11pm
-Special Monday Deal- 1/2 Off Any Pizza. The catch is, you have to eat your pizzas there.
-Happy Hour: 5pm-7pm daily on selected drinks
-Phone:  (473) 439-5265
-Directions: From SGU take the LAE bus. Tell driver you want to get off at Prickly.
By Car: From Rubis gas station, drive towards tire intersection and turn right towards colorful fruit stands.  Keep going straight and you will see a Prickly Bay Sign on your right ~3min. 
-Entertainment: See Picture Below

This is my favorite pizza on the island and I like to take advantage of their half off pizza Mondays.  Otherwise, pizzas can easily rack up (they're super thin and delicious) and be a bit pricey.  I also tried their wings and they were good, but a bit small in portion.  The ambiance is just perfect at Prickly and they always have special daily events going on, which I've herd to be popular amongst students and their significant others (see below).  They're also festive on holidays if you're looking for a hang out spot.

If you want the best deal on pizza, Rick's is the way to go, but it's not as "gourmet" as Prickly's and La Boulangerie's  pizza, with a sweeter ketchup base like sauce.  La Boulangerie also has tasty pizza,  but their chicken is nearly always on the dry side and they cost a bit more (portion is slightly bigger than Prickly's portion).  Delivery available for both Ricks and La Boulangerie.  Click on names for more information.
Mediterranea  (left) and Prosciutto Fungi (right)
Click to Enlarge
Chixeroni MMmmmMM M

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