Monday, October 24, 2011

37 Productive Ways To Use Your Spare Time

Dear Significant Others,
Teach the Kids, Save the World
As soon as my family found out about my plan to live in Grenada for two years, their first concern was me and not my husband, Brian, the one they should be concerned over instead- destined to get eaten alive by textbooks.  "What will you do everyday while Brian is away studying? " I replied, snorkel?  As funny as that may sound, life really is about "snorkeling" everyday in Grenada.  On top of snorkeling, add sightseeing, trying new food, picture taking, learning an instrument, working on a blog, getting involved in the community, meeting new friends, working out, discovering a new culture, discovering a new island, learning a new language, and the list goes on.

As soon as you settle into your new routine, you'll find yourself with spare time.  My duties as a wife include laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, massaging, a little counseling here and there (for the poor med student), and tending to the needs of my dog. After completing my duties, I still have a lot of time to spare (a lot of which is dedicated to making this blog).  I look at this spare time as an opportunity to take advantage of the things that I've always wanted to do, but never had the chance to in the past (because of school or other constraints).
Angela, Me, and Grace- SO buddies

You can't go to school in Grenada to pursue higher education (unless you become an SGU student yourself or do online education), but you can still learn on the side using other resources such as books and the internet.  I'm currently preparing for a test called the CSET- Science, a test needed to get into a teaching credential program.  I have the privilege of thoroughly learning the material, allowing for it to get into my long term memory.  When I get back to America, I'll be more than prepared to pursue my teaching credential.
                                                                                             This is my plan... Have you thought about yours?
Futbol Stadium in St. George's
Here's a short list of suggestions:
  1. Taste and get familiar with Grenada's tropical fruits and vegetables (if you stick with them, you can save some money because they're cheaper as compared to their imported counterparts).
  2. Pursue a hobby you've been meaning to pursue - craft making, photography, start a collection of some sort, etc.
  3. Learn a language- imagine what you can learn in two years
  4. Educate yourself- read books
  5. Download loads of TV series and watch your life away in Grenada hahaha.
  6. Learn how to sew
  7. Learn how to cook (You're more than likely going to cook whether you like it or not, for your significant other hahaha. Give them something to look forward to).
  8. Visit Grenada's beaches, waterfalls, hikes, tourist attractions. Here's a great list to pursue.  I'm currently building my list up. Check back with this site a little later.
  9. Learn how to snorkel
  10. Get in touch with a loved one through email, phone, Facebook, video chat Skype and/or send them a postcard and something small from Grenada such as spices, or cocoa balls.
  11. Learn how to scuba dive
  12. Learn how to build sand castles
  13. Lend a helping hand in the community. make life long friends with kids. teach a kid a lesson or two.
  14. Start a journal or blog- can you remember what you've been doing all your life?  Keeping a blog or journal is a great way to help you remember.  What's life without memories?  It's called "The Notebook" hahaha
  15. Have a skill or talent such as writing or tutoring?  free lance your skills. (you can write tutorial blogs and make money off of them or you can offer your expertise directly for a price)
  16. Devise of list of goals you want to achieve (both personal and professional) if you haven't already done so. Take baby steps towards making these goals into reality.
  17. Keep up with finances- notate how much is spent at grocery stores, pay credit cards, examine your budget.
  18. Notate all of your ideas as they come in a little notebook or online document.
  19. Exercise. we all need it, there's no doubt about it.  If you're not into exercise, start off with walking.  Before you know it, you'll be wanting to get involved with more vigorous activities
  20. Create a special challenge (weight contest with friends, bake off, learn how to cook your favorite dishes, etc.)
  21. Brush up on the skills you already have
  22. Do simple math problems to sharpen up your brain. Play brain games online.
  23. Learn the names and locations of each State
  24. Write your own book, write poems
  25. Do something special for your loved one (write him a poem, loved letter, cook him his favorite dessert or dish)
  26. Share your favorite recipe at a recipe exchange
  27. Have a movie night with your friends
  28. Have a karaoke night with your friends
  29. Watch tortoise or crab racing at The Owl
  30. Organize your e-mail
  31. Get in touch with old friends
  32. prepare for tests you may be considering to take when getting back to America - CSET, CBEST, GRE, etc.
  33. Brainstorm ideas on short quality dates with your husband. Remember, the living daylight is sucked out of them day by day, you'll want to engage in something short and sweet.  
  34. If you have a pet, train him/her to be an ambassador for it's kind
  35. Soccer, known as "futbol" here in Grenada, is the most popular sport. Even kids are good at it.  There's always games happening. Check one out with some friends. I'm not even into watching sports, but I had loads of fun watching a game with my friend Myra.
  36. Take Underwater Pictures- Grenada water is perfect for underwater photos. Try shooting in a swimming pool or at a beach.
  37. Take A walk outside and think about the things in life that you're appreciative of


    1. And take advantage of all the opportunities around you! There are lots of free discussions offered on campus that you can learn from! Audit a class. Go to class with your student and see what it's like! There are so many things to do, you'll wonder how you were ever worried about too much free time...

      Kat, we are lacking on #28. Let's get to that!

    2. Thanks for adding that to the list Myra! There definitely is a lot going on in Grenada... more than I ever expected before moving here. Sometimes it seems as if I'm busier than Brian hahaha.

      KARAOKE here we come!! I think I have a pretty good guess at what you'll be singing lol.

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