Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

From my younger years into adulthood, Christmas decorating has been tradition.  I think the drive, excitement, and need of decorating spawned early on in Elementary school when I experienced Christmas at its best: as a kid supplied with free Christmas food, Singing Christmas songs, and making Christmas crafts, with no worries in the world. 

I normally make trips to Walmart and Dollar Tree for decorations, but since there are none nowhere in sight here in Grenada (decorations are expensive here), I decided to collaborate with the child in me to make some Christmas decorating ideas come to life.

I  listened to my favorite Christmas songs over and over throughout the whole process all the while thinking about fond memories of past Christmases.  Though I'll be far apart from family during the Holidays, I'll always have fond memories of our past Christmases to keep me connected to them.  They will definitely be missed during Christmas, but on the same token, I'm super excited to spend Christmas in a different country.  How often do you get to do that?

The decorating component of Christmas is now complete. Check!

I provided links to some tutorials I used in making my decorations down below.  Enjoy!!
Koy Jermz, I decorated in honor of our tradition.  Miss you and the rest of the Family!
Materials Used:
Clear Tape (Bryden and Minors Spiceland Mall)
Colored Pencils (8EC Byrden and Minors)
Glue Stick (4EC Byrden and Minors)
Construction paper (15EC Byrden and Minors)
Popsicle Sticks (Starz located at Le Marquis)
paper rolls from hand paper towels or toilet paper
gift wrapping paper (6EC/1 roll) (IGA)
ribbons enough for two wreaths (~5EC) (Starz located at Le Marquis)
Christmas Lights (16EC for 150 Count) (hardware store Spiceland mall)
Coffee Filters (4EC for 100) (IGA)

Links to Tutorials

*Christmas Candle
*Snowman On A Stick
*North Pole Sign
*Christmas Crew Figures (Santa, Elf, Reindeer, Angel, Snowman, Nutcracker)
*Origami Christmas
*Paper Crane (dove)- Video tutorial. Online picture step by step Tutorial.
*Paper Wreath- (Instead of using a glue gun to assemble flowers, I used a stapler (faster and easier). Pinch the middle of all three pieces and staple.  After all of the flowers have been assembled, Sew them on the wreath with a needle and thread or you can use a glue gun.

My Friend Myra Made a Beer Bottle Turkey for our Thanksgiving centerpiece dinner table.  I liked it so much that I invited him to stay for Christma and made him a Santa suit.  As a matter of fact, I decided that I will dress him up accordingly for every Holiday from now until the day I die hahahaha. Thank you Myra!!
Friendship Snowflakes. Made By Rachel (green), Grace (red), and Angela (yellow).

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