Friday, August 17, 2012

Visa Renewal Process for Significant Others

Front Entrance to Ministerial Building

Immigration and Passport Office

Ministerial Complex, Botanical Gardens

Tanteen, St. George's, Grenada, W.I.
phone: 1.473.440.2456
phone: 1.473.440.4765
phone: 1.473.435.2869
fax:       1.473.440.4165
Hours of operation: M-F 8am - 3:45pm

Ministry of Treasury

Ministerial Complex. Botanical Gardens

Tanteen, St. George, Grenada, W.I.
Hours of operation:
M-F 8am - 4pm
lunch:12pm - 1pm

Grace and Angela <3<3<3
If you're a significant other, take a look in your passport for a stamp you should have received upon arrival. It should be dated approximately 6 months from when you first arrived.  Within one week (no earlier, no later) of expiration of that date, you will be required to renew your visa.    

The Whole Process in a Nutshell

1.  Ask your student to obtain a letter of enrollment (1st floor Bourne Center) including beginning and end date of enrollement, the names of the SO and his/her children, date of requested extension (not to exceed more than 3 months).
2.  At the Immigration office fall in the "receiving of application" line to obtain a "Extension of Stay" form.  Have the documents listed below prepared to be shown. Note: In the "Port of Arrival" section, write "Maurice Bishop International Airport."
3.  Fill out form and after, turn it in at the same window.
4.  Wait to be called (approx. 20-40min depending on how busy they are) into a room where a worker will sit down with you one on one and issue you a stamp.  Note:  For those planning on leaving for break after current term - If the date of departure after current term exceeds enrollment date of student, make sure to tell the officer.  He/she will more than likely move you extension day to cover your whole stay. For example, if your SO's term ends on 12/6/12 but you're not scheduled to leave for break until 12/30/12, let them know.
5. Worker will hold onto your documents and issue you an invoice.
6. Take invoice to Treasury office (as soon as you exit, turn right and go down stairs) and pay fees.
7. Take receipt back up to worker and you are finished.

What to Bring With You 
(Obtained from the SO website. Please visit their site for a more thorough description of the visa renewal process).
  • Your passport
  • Your child(ren)'s passport(s)
  • School ID
  • Your marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Your SGU letter of current enrollment
  • Money: $25 EC per person for each month you are extended (even partial months are 25EC so you may have to pay 100EC for a 3-month extension depending on the date that you arrive at the office)
  • Pen to complete paperwork
  • Book to read (in case the line is long)
  • Children do not have to go with you.
Getting there

By Bus
Take the SGU Grand Anse bus. Get off at Texaco on Maurice Bishop Highway.  Walk up around the corner to the local bus stop. Catch a #1 (2.50EC) bus to St. Georges.  Tell the conductor you want to go to the Ministerial building.  He will drop you to the nearest stop.  Note: Even if you know which stop to get off at, make sure you tell the conductor ahead of time where you're trying to go because the bus may chose the route to St. Georges that does not pass by the Ministerial Building.

By Car
Drive towards IGA. At the Roundabout next to the field, drive towards the direction of the local bus stop/food vendors.  Keep driving on for about 5min past food fair, until you arrive at a road next to water and boats (lagoon road). At the roundabout, fork to the right. At the stop light, turn left.  Entrance will be right next to roundabout.

Walk all the way up the hill. Ministerial building across glass building (pictures below).

Bus stop in the middle of picture, in between two trees.
Go here first.  It's across of the glass building (picture right below this pictue).
Ministry Treasury front entrance.