Monday, October 3, 2011

Downtown St. George's: The One Stop Spot for Shopping and Sightseeing

View from the top of Fort George
The core of St. George's, what I like to call downtown (~10-15min. away from SGU), is not your usual downtown with glass windowed sky scrapers and coffee shops at every corner.  At one corner you'll find a limitless selection of bootleg movies for sale and at the next, you'll find an open meat market filled with cattle dreading their destiny in someone's refrigerator as chopped smithereens.  As soon as you find yourself dodging guts, blood, and fish scales, you'll know that you're at the right spot.

across the street from bus terminal
Pretty crazy huh?  Too big of a transition for you?  Then no worries because there are a lot of alternative stores where you will find neatly packaged meats that you're accustomed to seeing (IGA Grocery Store conveniently located next to school, Foodfair, and Foodland).

In St. George's you will find many hills with blocks full of little stores tightly packed together.  Types of shops include, but are not limited to, hardware, appliance, grocery, bars, furniture, clothing, tourist, instrument, stationary, book, and eatery stores.  Fruit, vegetable, and spice vendors are also common in St. Georges and are widely visited by cruise ship tourist.  Don't be discouraged by the vendors competing against one another for your business.  That's just how the market works here.  At the end, whatever stand you choose, they're all happy for your business towards Grenada as a whole.

The roads are so narrow and I find myself puzzled each time I visit at how the buses are able to drive past one another with ease.  It's like they have a secret button that compresses their vehicle hahaha.  If you're considering driving into town, I hope you're comfortable with busy narrow streets and limited parking.  The alternative is to take public transportation.  It's very dependable, easy, and cheap.

Spice Market
If you're brand spanking new to Grenada and haven't yet bought all of your household needs such as pots, pans, brooms, dish racks, shampoo, etc., I highly suggest you take a trip into town for a wider selection at better prices.  Try taking an upper term friend or an older significant other with you so they could point you in the direction of the best deals.  The alternative is to shop at the hardware store next door to IGA.  This store can be pricey!  If you don't have time to go into town, I highly suggest for you to check out another local store next to IGA called Hubbards.  They have a wider selection at cheaper prices.  It's located in Grand Anse Shopping Centre about 1/4 mile away across the street from Scotia Bank (take the Mont Tout bus from school and tell them to stop at Scotia Bank).  I walk to and fro between the two all the time with no problems at all. 

How to Get to St. George's from school:
1. Take the Grand Anse or Mont Tout Bus.
2. Knock on the window or press the stop button right before you see Texaco.
3. Walk up around the corner away from school to the local bus stop.
4. Take the #1 Bus labeled St. George's.
5.  Pay 2.50ec (3EC during special event days and holidays)
6. Get off at last stop (you'll know when it's the last stop, trust me ahha)

Generally, bus drivers will pick you up from just about anywhere.  They are commonly found on main roads.  Wave your hand at them and they will stop for you.  They will be easy to spot with their big numbered labels. 

Main Sites in St. George's:
Have fun in St. George's.  I sure do each time I visit.  Hours of operation are typically M-Sa from early morning ~9am-5pm.  Most businesses in Grenada are closed Sundays.

*Click HERE for a map of St. George's

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