Monday, October 3, 2011

First Midterm Chaos- Biochem

All within 10 minutes before departure to SGU from Grand Anse:
1. Brian stuffs 1 big bowl of oatmeal in his mouth all at one time saying aloud,  "I need this in my stomach... I need this in my stomach, I can't miss the bus... Come on Brian, Come on!"  I think it took him a total of 2 min. to eat the whole bowl.  Maybe he should be a professional contest eating dude instead?  Or maybe a magician (to have made that thick slop disappear in such a short time).  LOL
2. Brian somehow locks himself out of the bathroom (yay for me).
3. Immediately after, he finds that he has to switch out his contact lens due to a piece of lint bothering him.  He needs the solution, but it's in the bathroom.  He's beyond frantic at this point and I can see it getting worse, yes, it is possible believe me.  He attempts to open the door using the key to the front door (disillusion) thinking that somehow it will magically open the restroom door.  That doesn't work so next he tries slamming his whole body against the door.  I'm on the sidelines laughing but at the same time, I don't want to blow money on a new door so I discourage him from doing so.  He remembers ah!, I have backup solution in the closet, so he opens one up.  He looks around and starts freaking out because there's no water supply to sanitize his fingers hahaha. He licks them instead while yelling out "I hate these damn contacts... WHY ME?!... Why today?! Why is this happening to me today!?!"

Now for the exciting part... (at school taking his midterm for biochem)

Brian decides to bubble in his answer sheet after answering all the questions to keep distractions to a minimum and flow of thought its maximum.  He underestimates his allotted time by a long shot (I think he wasn't in the right state of mind due to the unforeseen events that happened in the morning), and at question 50 (there are 80 in total), he hears "Okay, put your pencils down. Time is up." hahahahhaha. Although there were clearly many proctors nearby, he decided to go for the kill.  At ~120-125 bpm, Brian frantically bubbled in the last 30 answers not caring about the consequences.  "I never worked with tunnel vision before... I felt as if my heart was going to pop out of my chest." hahahha. As funny as this sounds, it's scary at the same time.  With the amount of stress he's under, I wouldn't be surprised if his heart really wanted out. Rest assured, he was able to bubble all of them in appropriately.  Yeah, I had the same reaction... what were you thinking Brian? hahahah. He's gone mad and it's only the first term.

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