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Fort Frederick and Fort Matthew

View of St. George's from Fort Frederick.
Just like the other forts in Grenada, Fort Frederick was constructed in efforts to protect national territorial interest.  At the time of its construction, the English, French, Dutch, and Spanish all had their eye on Grenada with aims to reap wealth from its rich agricultural produce.

Unfortunately, in 1983, America mistakenly bombed Fort Frederick, instead of their main target, Fort Matthew.  Fort Frederick was home to many mental patients at the time.

If you're looking for breathtaking views of Grenada, including lush vegetation and magnificent scenic cityscapes and landscapes, Fort Frederick is the place to be.

Next door you'll find Fort Matthew, yet another interesting and beautifully structured fort, ideal for historians, nature lovers, and tourist alike.  Aside from having a fun journey through its tunnels and ruins, you can also lounge and relax at Ft. Matthew's mini bar that recently re-opened.  It is located on the lower level of the fort.  They have great smoothies (I had a virgin Pina Colada MmmMM), great cocktails (so I've been told so by my friends), and fresh food (bakes and fried chicken and fish).  

Getting there:
*By Local bus:  Take the Grand Anse Bus to Texaco.  Walk up around the corder towards the roundabout to the local bus stop. Catch a #1 bus to St. George's bus terminal (last stop 2.50EC).  From there, ask someone where you can find a Morne Jaloux bus. Hop on and let them know that you want to get to Ft. Frederick.

*By Taxi: ~25EC (~10USD).  Here are a couple of dependable drivers that I like to ride with: Phillip (473) 416-2546

*By Car:
From Grand Anse (IGA), drive towards Food Fair (from roundabout in front of field, pass local bus stop, vendors and banks).  Keep on driving on the same road (keeping straight), past Port Louis (first body of water on left with boats, past the next stop light after the one in front of Food Fair), until you come to another roundabout (you should see the Tropicana hotel on the corner).  Fork to the right towards a three way road with a stop light.  Turn left at the stop light until you reach another roundabout.  Fork to the right up the hill instead of going straight.  Keep driving for a few more min. (you should notice gradual inclining up the moutain)... until you come to another roundabout.  Fork to the right towards the hospital (look at signs). From there, drive a bit more till you find a steep hill/road entrance to your immediate right.  Take a sharp right. and creep all the way up.  From there, you will see signs.  There will be two openings, take the one on the right (away from the brick arch) and park on the side.  Note:  If you find yourself all the way up the moutain right next to local bars on your right, you've gone too far.  Turn around and you will run into the steep hill on your left after a left curve down.

Entrance fees vary depending on time of year and who you go with.  During off peak seasons in small numbers, they expect more of a donation.  During peak season in large numbers, they will more than likely charge you per person fees (~less than 5EC a person).

Click HERE for further reading on the history of Grenada's forts.

Alice, our tour guide for Ft. Frederick.  In this picture, she tells us of her experiences during hurricane Ivan.

Fort Matthew
*Cool scenery including ruin like buildings, tunnels, and breathtaking views.
*Mini Bar open late night- they have the best Pina Colada smoothie/biggest serving by far in Grenada and it's the cheapest too (5EC for virgin, 8EC with alcohol).
*Chicken Wings for sale- 50 wings with drumette attached + 3 regular sized plates of fries---> 120EC...was split between 8 people.  What a deal!   
*During the holidays, they decorate (see picture below)
*highly suggested
*Hours and days of Operation Vary.
Mini Bar. Now Opened!
My great friend Angela, advising you to -watch out for the enormous moths!- hahahaha

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