Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peanut Butter Smothered Celery Sticks, Sliced Apples, and Butter & Guava Jam Toast

It's inevitable for med students to undergo stress and when they do, they resort to sugar as a quick fix to offset the chemical imbalance.  Unfortunately, most junk foods will alleviate their cravings only temporarily and later make matters worse.  

I don't want to come off as the evil grown up that deprives her husband the only thing to look forward to: yummy snacks, so I decide to keep the peace... not by eliminating all bad foods, but instead sneaking in some healthy complex carbohydrates in addition to his not so healthy snacks (there's a lot more butter on that toast that you would think ahahha).    

Jam vs. Jelly? Jelly is more translucent and loose while Jam is thicker and richer in flavor.  I don't understand why Jelly is more expensive than Jam here in Grenada.  Looks like I've lucked out. You gotta give local jelly and jam a try.  It's cheap, available everywhere, and made with simple, plain, non-toxic ingredients.

*Click HERE for a cooking dictionary. 

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