Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Shadow Pumpkin Carving- Another Date Night With The Husband

Good Ol' Traditional Pumpkin
I'm in Grenada where American Pumpkin's don't exist and Pumpkin really means Squash.  Unfortunately, they're too little to carve and on top of that, are almost never sold whole (sold in slices).  How about  carving pumpkins a different way?  Perhaps making one out of a cupcake, pie, candy, or cookies? Sounds delightful and fun, but it was close to bed time and we had to choose an alternate route: shadow pumpkin carving hahaha.    

The Evil Bunny who Demands his Easter Eggs Back
Brian took hold of the Flashlight and I did the steering.  Keep in mind that I've never done shadow puppets in my whole life, not to my recollection anyway, and I've never looked up any tutorials on how to do them.  

The first puppet that was born was an actual pumpkin. It was so thoughtless and my fingers just fell into position.  Brian and I found it so hilarious that I was doing a pumpkin without even trying that we started giggling out butts off.  "Look, What the Hell, It actually looks like a pumpkin!  Hurry Up, Capture it!"  Both of us were moving around so much that we couldn't get a decent shot and Brian ended up taking many pictures with blurry blobs of nothing.  I tried so hard to stay still afraid of losing the pumpkin, not being able to get form it once again with my fingers, but the laughter was uncontrollable.  After laughing for 10 minutes, we were able to catch a sharp shot.

I didn't intend on making monsters and devils along with the pumpkins, but that's what came out anyway.  It was disturbing but at the same time, lifted our Halloween spirits.  We ended up with a horned demon, a non-horned demon (they could be brothers hahah), and an evil bunny rabbit. O, and a superhero Pumpkin one top of the traditional one (seen above). The night was like a crazy live comic show, "Super Pumpkins vs. Demons." It was definitely fun and eerie. Who would've known Halloween would be possible in Grenada where pumpkins and Halloween don't exist?  With a flashlight and a little imagination, you can bring Halloween to you (O, and of course, don't forget the candy). 
Super Pumpkin to the Rescue
The Horned Demon
The Horned Demon's Brother
Family Guy's Joe Swanson

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  1. This Halloween activity is very interesting. We don't do it here in our place, maybe because we find it unethical to carve pumpkins as if we're making fun of a vegetable. But seriously, I am amazed with how talented those who could carve. Thanks for these pumpkin carving ideas . I would love to list them on my collection please. Cheers and good day always!