Saturday, February 11, 2012

Real Crab, Crab Rangoons

Take some cream cheese ~8ec, a can of real crab meat ~11ec, and wonton wrappers ~6ec, and you got yourself a piece of what I call heaven.
I was so eager to eat them that I didn't bother with making them look pretty before I took a picture of them hahaha. 
One day I got sucked into trying the food from the Chinese lady in the Gazebos at SGU.  Who could resist her charm? I wanted to sample over and over again just to see her smile and say "very good, very nice."  Haha.  As expected, I got hit with loads of Umami goodness (a taste in my book that screams out MSG).  Being a firm believer of the dangers of MSG, I decided not to eat there again.   Well, that eliminates one of the only few sources of crab rangoons in Grenada (if they had them at Flag, they probably would've been made with imitation crab meat and msg... double whammy).  So I took it upon myself to get out there and make them myself. 
Being good as they are, I was hoping that me and my friend Laura could cut straight to the chase and just do the eating part (we talked about making them when we first met).  Since one of the two sources I had known about, failed, I decided to spare me and Laura the trouble and made them at home instead.  Me and Laura had so much fun wrapping them and even more fun eating them.

Serve with sweet n sour sauce or better yet, eat them on their own!  You can also toss them in soups (at the end when they're almost cooked to prevent sogginess) without frying them.   To store, lay them out in a single layer apart from one another on a piece of foil, place in a ziplock bag, and freeze.

~15min; ~45 servings
1 pack wonton wrappers (foodfair)
1 8oz container chive and onion cream cheese (IGA)
1 6.5oz can real crab meat (IGA)
1/4 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp garlic powder
dash of cayenne pepper for heat (optional)
dash of black pepper
splash soy sauce
generous pinch of sugar
splash of lemon juice

1 tbsp butter
1 garlic clove minced
3 stalks chives chopped (just the green parts)

sweet n sour for dipping sauce

1.  In a large bowl, add crab meat, cream cheese, paprika, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, soy sauce, sugar, and lemon juice.
2. in a small sauce pan, heat butter.  add garlic and chives and cook on low heat ~4min or until tender.
3. add garlic and chives into crab and mix well.
4. take one wonton wrapper and place in a diamond shape.  place ~1tsp of crab in the center.  wet edges of wonton with finger to help seal wonton.  fold bottom half of diamond towards top to make a triangle. 
5. deep fry in a small sauce pan ~1 min on each side or until golden brown.  (if you don't have a small pan. you can use a big one and tilt the pan to one side frying one rangoon at a time so you can prevent having to fill the whole pan with oil.) Tongs will help flip the rangoons easily.

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