Monday, February 13, 2012

La Sagesse Beach, Country Inn, Restaurant, and Beach Bar in Grenada

La Sagesse is a beautiful tranquil getaway spot nestled in a peaceful part of Grenada.  It's located  ~30 minutes away from Grand Anse, St. George's, and Maurice Bishop International Airport.

-Address: La Sagesse Nature Centre - P.O.Box 44 - St.George's - Grenada /West Indies 
-Tel & Fax. (473) 444 6458 
-Restaurant Hours: Open 7 days a week, including all holidays from 8am-10pm.  Reservations for dinner requested. 
-Click HERE for the restaurant Menu
-Click HERE for the La Sagesse Nature Centre Website (here you may make reservations for rooms and restaurant)
-Getting there: From Saint George's University, take the Grand Anse Bus. Get off at Texaco and hail a #1 local bus or walk up around the corner towards IGA to the local bus stop (2.50EC, 3EC holidays and Sundays).  Tell the bus driver that you are trying to catch the #2 bus and he will drop you next to the Shell gas station (so you don't have to go all the way to the bus terminal in town) where you can catch a #2 bus (4.50EC).
-For more pictures of La Sagesse, visit my Flickr album HERE.

What you will find here:
  • A picturesque beach lined with white sand and palm trees.  There was a subtle breeze the time that I went and had I had a hammock or beach towel, I would've fallen asleep within no time.  
  • Snorkeling approved water.
  • La Sagesse  Bar and Restaurant- Local type food.  They have a good selection of fish, though I ordered a veggie burger the time that I went.  It was interesting to taste, not your usual American veggie burger.  Their beet salad had an interesting dressing that was delicious.
  • An Inn with rooms 30 ft. away from the beach.
  • Nice quiet trails nearby to venture out in.
  • A visitor centre where you can request tour pamphlets and information about other attractions.

*Tips: Don't forget to bring a change of clothing, flip flops, sunglasses, sunscreen, a plastic bag for wet clothes (if you decide to snorkel and get wet), money for food (or pack a lunch), and of course, a camera.

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