Sunday, November 6, 2011

Veggie Sprout Burgers- A Vegetarian Treat

I didn't have ground beef this night and I'm glad I didn't.  This sprout burger had so many flavors and textures going on and the best part was, it was so easy to make.  Anything that fried eggs touch turns to gold, including this burger. For me, the golden goose doesn't exist... it's more like a golden chicken hahaha.

15-20min; 20 min
Hamburger Buns or Kaiser Rolls (IGA)
1 egg for each burger
for bun spread: mix dijon mustard, lemon juice or rice vinegar, mayo, a pinch of sugar, a drizzle of honey, salt, and pepper.  adjust for taste and desired consistency
alfalfa sprouts (IGA, produce section)
sharp cheddar cheese slices
1 large ripe tomato sliced 
1 avocado sliced
1 zucchini, 3 stalks chives (copped 1in), and/or ~5 mushrooms sliced
splash of hot sauce
splash of Worcestershire sauce  
pickle slices

1. heat pan with 1 tbs oil over medium high heat. when very hot add chives (or your pick of veggies). salt and pepper. Stir Fry ~1min.  and add Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and cook for another min. on high heat. place to side.
3. fry eggs to liking in a nonstick pan (I did over-easy with crispy edges). salt and pepper to taste. 
Tip: if you want a crispy egg, wait until pan and oil  is very very hot before you toss the egg in. right immediately after you toss it in, shake the pan back and forth to prevent it from sticking to pan.
4. Assemble.  Before I assembled my burger, I took one bun, spread some sauce on the bun, cheese on top of the sauce, and toasted it with cheese. 


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