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Magazine Beach, The Aquarium, and The Grenadian Resort

Magazine beach is one of my all time favorite beaches ever.  I just can't get enough of its friendly warm sun, beachfront restaurant, vibrant beauty, tranquil breeze, and clear blue waters... (amongst a long list of many other things) .   
Things to do at Magazine Beach:
Collect sea glass for projects
Dine at the Aquarium
Take underwater pictures
Write messages in the sand
Play Frisbee with your loved ones (including your little dog pal)
Look for cool seashells and coral
Write Poetry, paint, arts and crafts
Take loads of photographs
Watch the sunset
Take a nap
Catch up on text messages or calls
Yoga, soccer, exercise
Getting There:
Magazine Beach is conveniently located ~ 5-10 10min. away from Saint George's University. 
*By bus:
Take the E bus (Frequente) and get off at The Grenadian Rex resort (just let your bus driver know).  Follow the pavement down, past the front check in desk (to your right), past a beautiful garden, and all the way down a little green hill to the beach. 

*By car:

Drive past the airport and go right at the round-a-bout.  Turn right at the dead end and go down the big hill to park.  If your car doesn't handle hills well, you can park at the top and walk down.

*By Taxi: ~25EC (~10USD).  Here are a couple of dependable drivers that I like to ride with: Morain (473) 536-2220 (sedan), Elmus (473) 418-8295 (van).

The Aquarium Restaurant 
(facing the water, turn left. located at the end of the beach)

Dining on a beachfront with a spectacular view is hard to come by so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and decided to dine in with a few friends.  Overall, the whole experience was enjoyable and I would suggest for everyone to experience beachfront dining at least once in their lives.  The food was great, but at the end, when it comes to food, the Beach House Restaurant is my preferred choice for fine dining in Grenada.  I must add... The Aquarium sure knows how to cook fish.  I highly suggest ordering any type of fish dishes they have on their menu.  If you're trying to save a few bucks but still want to try this restaurant out, try dropping in during lunch hours for some lower priced meals.

***Tip: If you plan on eating dinner late night, I highly suggest wearing pants... or at least spray yourself generously with insect repellent (Non-deet type repellent doesn't work for me, but I don't want to poison myself with deet... so I always wear pants at night)

-Cuisines:  Caribbean, American
-Location:  Point Salines Beach | Magazine BeachSt. George'sGrenada
-Hours:  Open daily from 10am.  Closed Mondays
-Phone:  (473) 444-1410
-Price Range: $-$$$
-Attire: Lunch- casual; Dinner; Semi Formal

Accommodations at the Grenadian 
Click HERE for the Grenadian Resort Website- Online information and booking

Click HERE for a currency converter- EC to USD
Angela in front of the Grenadian

Front of the Grenadian
This way to the Aquarium!
Admiring beauty.
Ahhhhhhh, Real Brains!
Duck Breast
Rack of Lamb MmMM. Tender.
Mango Smoothie. I approve.

P.S. Don't forget to bring your trusty, stylin, Ray Bans!

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