Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bid to Win a Photo Session from Yours Truly at the Photography Auction Tomorrow at SGU's Caribbean house (7pm).

I've always seen photo auctions in movies and all, but I've never been to one...more or less have my work sold in one.  Instead of the usual wine n cheese to compliment the evening, there will be brownies and ice cream.  That's triple action in one night.  Score!  Looks like I'll soon be crossing some things off my bucket list.

I can't say that I'm a big time photographer, but what I can say is that I'm passionate about photography... and with passion and some fast shutter speed, I think I can get some decent shots hahhaha.  I'm very open minded when it comes to photography and if you end up winning my photo shoot, I'll do my best to help work around your schedule and make your visions come to life.

Some moments I can capture for you:
new born baby
you and your pet friend
 student life at SGU (maybe in action in a workshop)
club scene
you as an SGU zombie

Package details
1-2 hour session
copies to 40 fully edited photos
you get to pick the theme
location can be at your home or a different location
can photograph up to a group of 5
date available to shoot: 3/28-4/30/2012 or after summer break
Specializing in (but not limited to): portraits, event, candid, fashion, pets

Event Details
When: 3/29/2012 at 7pm
Where: Saint George's University- The Caribbean House located next to the library
Goal: to raise money for Grensave- Save the Children Foundation
Photo theme: Grenada Life (landscapes, still life, portraits) 
Photo Sessions from several local photographers to be auctioned
brownies and ice cream available

Contact Info:

Other Photographers that will also be donating a photo session.

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