Wednesday, October 17, 2012

39th Anniversary of Grenada's Independence

Grenada's independence days are always in the month of Feb. To find out specific day to any year, google grenada's independence day + current year. Or get in touch with someone from Grenada's Board of Tourism site.

Tomorrow will be Grenada's 39th Independence day (2.7.2013).  If you make it out to town, you will be able to witness raw Grenadian pride, amongst many uniforms, smiles, and and many food vendors (don't forget to bring some money and a camera).

I hope you make it out to this amazing cultural event.

From SGU, take a school bus to Rubis gas station.  Walk up around the corner towards roundabout to local bus stop.  Take a number 1 bus to last stop St. George's (3EC).  Get off at last stop and (facing away from bus stop), walk left. Stadium will be on right.

Click HERE to see pictures from Grenada's 39th Anniversary of Independence

Pictures From Grenada's 38th Anniversary of Independence
Grenada National Stadium

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