Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teach the Children, Save the World- The Limes After School Program (volunteer portfolio under construction)

Throughout life, I've encountered people that have inspired and motivated me through tough times where I've felt helpless and alone. As a kid, I was unaware of how much they've done for me, but as I grew older, I realized how much time and effort they've contributed to my well being. In honor of these people, I've set out to give back to others what they've given me--hope, encouragement, respect, a voice, joy, and a drive to try my very best. Such characteristics, I believe, are ones that contribute to the good of all humanity. A little inspiration has gone such a long way and I can't imagine where its influence will end. Here at the Limes After School Program, I set out to inspire and teach as many children as I can in hopes that someday they will be able to prevail in all their future endeavors; I truly believe this is my purpose.
Community service not only satisfies my hunger to help those in need. It also opens my eyes to important issues in the world that often go unnoticed, such as poverty and the inequalities that follow.  Yes, it's unfortunate that the kids don't get as many learning resources as any caring adult would love for them to have, but the success of a child, in my eyes, is not dependent on how many tools they have, but on how they utilize the tools they do have.  

With some passion, a lot of love, a little creativity, and a few bucks, I pledge to teach the kids how to utilize their tools, while instilling new ones, and to support and unlock every child's will and determination to succeed. 
 I feel like the most fortunate person in the world to have the honor of being a part of all of these little kid's lives.  They're so intelligent, comical, and full of life (amongst many other things) and there's no other place I'd rather be than by their side giving them what the need.  I still have a year and a half with them and yet I miss them already.  

What you will find on my volunteer blog:
A glimpse of the activities volunteers plan for the kids
Our day to day routine
Funny moments
Important life long moments
Personal learning experiences
Loads of pictures
Video Clips
messy action yay! hahhahah

Volunteer Information:
Founder: Ann Hopkins 2003
Meeting Times: Every T, W,Th 3-5pm
Location: The field in back of Texaco
Visit the SGU volunteer website to learn more About The Limes After School Program
Click HERE to find out more about other volunteer opportunities 
Volunteer coordinator email: so.sgu.volunteer@gmail.com

Benefits of Volunteering:
*Strengthens the community
*Transform your own life
*The skills you obtain while volunteering can aid in helping you achieve your goals
*Volunteering can enhance your marketability with prospective employers 
*Training in cross-cultural understanding
*Development of life long friendships
*Intangible benefits in making a difference in humanity
*Meeting of a diverse range of people
*obtain skills to help you raise your future kids
*At the end of your service, you may request a letter from the SGU volunteer coordinator notating your total hours of service. 


  1. Beautifully written Kat. Those kids just love you and all your fun ideas. I know that I personally am SOO thankful to have you at Limes to help teach these children every week. Thanks for all that you do.

    1. Thanks Miss Stephanie! I'm thankful for you too!... And the kids love absolutely love you and your rad dance moves hahah. It takes a big heart to do what you do. I'm glad we're on the same team!

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