Monday, April 23, 2012

adult lunchables with mozarella fresca and cran-turkey pin-wheels

If you grew up in America, chances are, you know about string cheese.  You know... that long log of cheese that's usually individually wrapped in plastic...the snack that your mom packed in your lunch box almost everyday... the one you tried making the skinniest strings of cheese out of.

I absolutely love everything about string cheese and when I found out about the adult version of it, Mozarella Fresca, I was overwhelmed with joy.  It's so fresh, soft, moist, and makes me and my inner child smile all day long.  You can eat it fresh or use it on pizza.  Here one of many ways I love using this cheese.

*Eat within 3 days after opening it

smoked or honey turkey breast deli slices
sliced Mozarella Fresca (sold in the shape of a ball, wrapped in plastic)
dried cranberries
red ripe tomato slices
black pepper
extra virgin olive oil
your favorite crackers

serve with your favorite fruit

1. take 2 turkey slices and lay out a thin line of dried cranberries at one end.  roll tightly and slice across.
2. assemble. cracker, cheese, tomato, cran-turkey pinwheel, olive oil, and black pepper

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