Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yearly Event- Grenada Sailing Festival Workboat Regatta

Event Held: Late February-Beginning March

Information (sailing week 2014)

-two day event
-races within own classes: Gouyave Sloop, Gouyave Canoe, Sauteurs, Woburm, Petit Martinique, Carriacou
-big community celebration with performances, food, and lots of beer/fresh cut coconuts
-Location: Grand Anse Beach next to lifeguard tower. From SGU, take the Grand Anse bus to last stop (pavilion at beach).
-20th anniversary held in 2013

This event is one of my favorite annual events in Grenada because it, in my eyes, represents everything Grenada is: proud, hardworking, community/family oriented, a country that knows how to work the kitchen (men, women, and children alike), and beautiful.

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Charles, the coconut guy, always has the best coconuts and is always on the field across IGA during weekends and major events.  I always request for the sweetest ones with lots of soft jelly. MmmMm.  I almost drank/ate a coconut a day while there in Grenada... I miss those coconuts so much.

He has straws if you ask for one and if you would like to taste the jelly inside, try finishing up your juice there so he can cut it open for you.  Unless you have a machete at home, these guys are so tough to open up.  Even throwing them off the second floor of your apartment building just won't do.

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