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Grand Anse Beach, The Complete Package. Grenada, West Indies.

From what I've collected, Grand Anse Beach is most favored and best all around with tourist, students, and locals alike.  Lined with resorts, water sports businesses, restaurants, and most importantly, beauty, Grand Anse Beach is truly your one stop center for everything there is to enjoy in life.  With it's convenient location next to the main road, you can get to and fro from place to place with ease.  Also, the main grocery and hardware store of the island, IGA Super Value and Creative Do it Your Best, is within walking distance for all your needs.    

Note:  Grand Anse beach, compared to all other Grenada Beaches will most of the time be the busiest beach around.  It's pretty quiet during off peak times away from holidays and weeks that cruise ships are in town.

From cruise landing, make your way to main bus terminal in town.  Take the #1 bus (2.50EC/3EC Holidays) and stop next to vendors (right next to roundabout and Gitten's Pharmacy, ~5-10min).  Walk toward lifeguard tower.  There are many access points to beach.  You can pretty much walk through any of the resorts to get through to the beach.

From SGU, take Grand Anse bus to last stop (pavilion right next to beach). 

What to Do on Grand Anse Beach
-relax on rental chairs placed on beach front by resorts for a little fee
-scuba dive with aquanauts (they offer snorkelling/water boat rentals and PADI internationally recognized certification courses)
-all resorts welcome people to come in and purchase cocktails (no need to be an actual guest)
-eat at their beach front restaurants (Umbrellas is the main spot to go offering burgers, fries, nachos, smoothies, fish, sandwiches, hot dogs, beef ribs, desserts, and alcoholic beverages).  Other restaurants include Ali Babas, and IGA Grocery food court options.
-purchase souvenirs from spice/craft market (information, adjacent to beach) or resort shops 
-resort dining open to outside, call for reservations
-get a massage
-jog or early walk along shoreline (beach is 2 1/2 miles long)
-hang out under shaded trees
-get married
-hire a boat guy to take you to some great snorkelling sites
-SGU Significant Others almost always hold their midterm social here

-don't forget to bring lots of sunscreen
-always stay hydrated
-depending on day, beach vendors may be active...  if not interested in what they're selling, a simple "no thank you," will often do the trick
-don't forget to bring your camera or waterproof camera

Grand Anse Beach Resort Information 
(For reviews on all resorts listed down below, visit TripAdvisor.  Most resorts also have their own website. Google them for more information).

Hotel Resorts Located on Grand Anse Beach
Spice Island
Siesta Hotel
Blue Horizons Garden
Grenada Grand
The Flamboyant
Grand Anse Beach Palace

A Little Ways from Grand Anse
Mt. Cinnamon
La Luna

Located at the Beginning of Lance Aux Epines

Next to Saint George's University
True Blue Bay

Next to Maurice Bishop International Airport
Grenadian by Rex Resorts

Ghost Rock Discovered by my Friend, Angela.

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog minutes ago. Right now I'm with my family in Westerhall, we are from Venezuela, we just got here on friday, i've been reading your articles, they're great and very helpful. Keep on the good work.

    1. Hello Reibanjose!

      Wow, so cool that you're from Venezuela. I've learned where Venezuela is on the map in Spanish class hahaha, but don't know much about it culturally. What is one thing it's widely known for?

      How did you like Westerhall? Grenada is truly beautiful in many ways and I can't help but talk about it all the time. Hope you enjoy your stay and thanks so much for dropping by!

  2. Hi! Chanced upon this site. We are a group of optometrists visiting Grand Anse Beach Palace, Grenada on a trip to conduct eye exams in the first week of April! We are excited...

    1. Wow sounds like a great mission! Hope you find your stay rewarding and enjoyable. Grenada is a beautiful country!