Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Term Life

Everything you need to know for midterms.
*Course Breakdown and Advice 

*OSPE I Exam Information

*Supplemental Materials suggestions for 1st term:
-Anatomy- Gray’s Anatomy Review- written by course director. Good way to teach you how to apply what you learn.  Marios Loukas, 2011 Copyright
-BRS Anatomy

*Unified Exam- given to asses where you stand academically
Five weeks into school  you will take a unified exam. 25 questions per class (Histology, Biochemistry, Anatomy) for a total of 75 questions. That's 25 points per class.  Brian says to treat it like midterms.  Take advantage of it because it’s at the beginning of the term where the workload is not as dense.  It’s worth 6-8% of your overall grade for every class.  Don't slack off and not study for the unified.  25 points IS 25 points.

*Random Tips:
-You need to study everyday. It’s no joke here.
- Brian lives ~7 min away from campus and found no need for a car. His apartment is conveniently located on a main bus route (next to Texaco).
-On days you don’t have lab make sure you wake up and study in the morning. Try not to sleep in.
-The AC is  blasted in all classes. Make sure to bring a sweater.

*Decel if the workload is too much for you  
-You can decel without worrying about being charged extra tuition.  The only thing you have to worry about is living expenses.  Also, deceling will be placed on your transcript since they see when you start and finish the basic sciences.  You must finish basic sciences within 3 years.

A Typical Page of Notes for Brian- This is just half a page.

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