Monday, December 5, 2011

7 Sisters Waterfalls - I Came, I Saw, I Conquered.

 7 Sisters Falls is simply beautiful.  It's one of those places that makes one toss their arms out and shout out loud: "I love life."  I love this place so much that I even suggested for my family back in America to fly in and see it for themselves.

For thrill seekers (try jumping a series of Waterfalls), nature lovers (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Setting), swimmers (under the falls in a nice and serene environment), hikers (scenic short and sweet moderate hike), kids (even if they can't swim they would surely enjoy the scenery), and photographers (beauty 360 degrees) alike... I without a doubt know you'd enjoy this spot (and yes, I'm speaking on behalf of all groups hahah).

*Photos are ordered in sequence from start to finish.

Meet the gang.

At the beginning of the hike, you pass through a private plantation. You guide will point out to you native flowers and plants.

Beautiful Bamboo
Custom Made Bamboo Steps.

Before the Falls, you will cross a line of rocks embedded in a stream. Be sure to store your cameras away in a dry and safe place as the rocks can sometimes be slippery.
The first Jump. Behind the Scenes.
Utopia behind the first two falls.

The Last Jump.

Trekking through our amazing waterfall adventure.

We were cheesin it the whole time since we were so hyped.

Scott and the Best guide ever, Cliffon! Don't forget to tip him if you hire him to guide you through the jumps.

Rapids you have to cross if you decide to hike all the way up the falls.
The main Jump.
Me and My Buddy Myra Being Savage

*Location: 5min past Grand Etang House . ~30min ride up a long and winding road from Grand Anse Beach (For those who get motion sickness easily, I highly suggest taking something before the ride up).
*Getting there: by Public Transportation: Take the grand anse bus from SGU. Get off at Texaco.  Walk up around the corner to the local bus stop and catch the #1 bus St. George's (2.50EC) and take it all the way to the last stop.  Transfer to the #6 bus (5EC) to 7 Sisters; by Taxi- My group was taken by Hector (he charged 20EC per person). Friendly, relaxed, and trustworthy.  He gave us a little tour on our way to the falls.  Here is his phone number (473) 418-3444.
*If you're visiting during rainy season, the trail will more than likely be muddy.  Wear shoes you don't mind getting dirty. 
*$5EC entrance Fee. Walking stick provided.
*Person at entrance is very unyielding when it comes to jumping off the falls (for liability reasons).  Despite the fact, Me and my friend Scott jumped them (with the help of an expert jumper named Cliffon.  He's a frequent jumper there and will be more than happy to guide you down the falls for $20EC a person).
*Bring a plastic bag for your muddy shoes and your wet clothes (if you decide to swim).. and maybe some flip flops to switch into.
*Don't forget your camera! I brought my underwater camera and had it with me the whole time throughout my waterfall jumping adventure.
*Hike is approximately 25-40min to the bottom two falls, depending on how muddy and how fast you're moving.  There are a few declines on the way to the falls embedded with helpful bamboo steps and stones.  An additional ~15min for those who want to hike all the way up the falls (warning: there's only way way down: to jump)
*Hike difficulty- easy-moderate; Exposure- half shade, half sun.
*Don't forget to wear sunscreen. Bring a swimsuit and change of clothes if you decide to swim.  Also, don't forget to bring a snack to eat when at the falls.
*Waterfalls (I can only remember crossing 5 of them) range from 10-35feet tall.  First few are easy and the last two are the tallest.  You also go down a short tunnel of rapids (the guide will show you where to step).  Scary but fun.  If you step somewhere wrong, you can get sucked in, pushed down, and hurt.  If you're planning on jumping, you first have to hike up the side of the falls ~15min.  The guide will advise for you to be barefoot as you will have more grip this way.  It was easy hiking up but scary because the hill was so steep.  My foot was completely submersed in 2 ft. of mud a couple of times... and it felt good!  Warning:  If you hike up and jump the first few falls, there will only be one way down, and that's down a really high waterfall!  Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to go back up the first few falls and back down the hill from where you came (very very steep). So make sure you're not afraid of heights.  Also, if you've never jumped a waterfall before (like me)  there's a big possibility of you landing the wrong way.  If you land the wrong way (flat) you can seriously get hurt.  It's easier said than done to land like a pencil with all the adrenaline pumping through your body.  When you fall from such great heights and land flat, you're not giving the water particles enough time to move and therefore it will feel as if you hit a wall.  I landed wrong and got a very very big bruise on my thighs. Regardless I have no regrets. It's one of the most exciting things I've ever done in my life!
*Reviews on Trip Advisor


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  2. What a great Journey you have going on. I would love to be a part of it!

  3. Thanks for posting such a detailed review! I'm looking for fun things to do while on a cruise down there so this helps, thanks!

    1. I'm glad it helped!! Have fun while here in Grenada and let me know if you have any questions!

  4. Just wondering once you got to the falls via taxi did someone guide you through the trail at an additional fee? 20EC per person but how many people were with you in the taxi? We are arriving via cruiseship and the tours I contacted said "no jumping" so want to find someone who will "look the other way". Thanks for any insight and info!

    1. Hello SJ!!

      Our Taxi driver guided the group throughout the whole journey. He charged 40EC total per person for the ride and mini tour. You also pay 5EC for the entrance fee. Though the people at the entrance said "no jumping," we decided to jump anyway since there was a professional guide at the falls to help us along the way. Without our guide, Cliffon, we would've never dared to jump the falls on our own as much skill in involved in getting down the falls safely.

      bsfmama did a great job answering your questions below. Good luck and thank you for visiting my page =)

  5. SJ,
    I had many of your concerns. I hired a driver & car for $40/hour who took us up to the falls & back. For 6 of us that was more economical (through Sunsation Tours) than their per person rate of $40?? each. I found Sunsation online by googling Grenada tours, etc. I would not recommend trying to drive to the falls. We have driven in Europe & are very adventurous, but we agreed that spending a bit extra & hiring someone to take us was well worth it. We spent 4 hours total on the trip, stopping on the way back to view the volcano lake as well. The driver will guide you on the hike to the falls (no big could do it yourself, but finding the falls by car to start the hike could also be tricky). The trail is muddy & slick in spots, but we were fine with that, but take your amphibious hiking shoes. Once at the falls, you can easily walk over & jump the lowest (not shortest) waterfall by yourself. And you can see the highest waterfall behind it to gauge how high is really is (at least 30 feet!). My oldest teenager saw the trail in the rainforest to hike to the top of the 5 (not 7 anymore after a bad hurricane) waterfalls & he actually jumped them all by himself. I would NOT recommend this. He landed in 2 feet of water on one jump because he didn't know where to aim. Fortunately he was not hurt. After waiting a bit at the falls, we saw the "guide" (a Grenada teenager who knows his stuff--has "Castle" as either 1st or last name) leading another group thru the falls & so we waited for him to jump down & join us. He, of course, did a back flip off of the highest one! At that point, we engaged his services & he took us all up thru the trail (picture climbing a wall of mud & rocks & roots like a ladder & that was the worst of it--total 5+ minute hike). He safely led us thru it all. I was terrified at the highest waterfall, but he was very kind & encouraged me so I could finally take the leap. All 6 of us jumped them all: 2 parents & kids 9, 13, 15 & 17. He said our 9 yo was tied for the youngest he's ever taken to jump them all. He asked for no $$ but we gave him $50 for helping us. It was the highlight of our trip. We were lucky enough to meet a couple from Holland who took pictures of some of us with his high-tech camera. I will try to attach those.

  6. Hey bsfmama... It sounds like you and your family had a great time at the falls. I bet it was pretty exciting getting the full experience with your whole family. Now that's what I call real family bonding.

    Thanks for addressing SJ's concerns. You beat me to it hahaha.