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Mt. Carmel Waterfalls

Front Entrance. Brown Picket Fence below sign.
10 Things I love About Mt. Carmel 
-It reminds me of Fern Gully
-It's not a major tourist stop, which mean that it's more peaceful
-There are two amazing waterfalls, ones that you'd only expect to see on television. (They're separate from one another.  After the 1st one, double back and follow the other trail, it's hard to miss). 
-It's a family friendly hike
-You can slide down on your butt down one of the falls
-There's a faucet across the front entrance where you could rinse your shoes
-There are lots of tropical fruit trees and plants around (they vary depending on time of year- mangoes, papayas, nutmeg, banana, golden apples)
-It's not too far a drive from Saint George's
-You can swim at the bottom of the falls 
-Unlimited free natural waterfall massages

In other words, I highly recommend Mt. Carmel!

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A few Tips and:
-Don't forget to wear sun block and bug repellent 
-You will most likely be approached by a local tour guide at the entrance.  If you're interested in learning more about your surroundings, I suggest having him escort you through the hike.  Ask him how much he charges beforehand to avoid any confusion.  Otherwise, there should be no entrance fee to trek through Mt. Carmel on your own.
-Try making a trip out on a dry day to avoid getting your shoes muddy.  If you have no choice, make sure you wear shoes that you don't mind getting dirty.  
-The time that I went, I was practically barefoot the whole way.  Having dependable shoes is not a priority. 
-Don't forget to bring a camera
-Don't forget to bring water and a snack

First Waterfall
You cross this body of water to get to the 2nd waterfall
Front of Butt slide waterfall. There's a bench where you can set your things down and have a snack. 
Driving Directions from two Significant Others:
Here's A Great MAP that makes getting there easier.

Directions #1
Head like your going to Grenville and you drive nearly all the way to Grenville. A few miles before you reach the start of Grenville you will head down a steep hillside that bends to the right sharply with advertisements painted on the rock on the left side of the road. There is a bus stop and a rum shack on the left along a side street (just past the advertisements) right along the sharp bend. Pull down the side street and you can park near the rum shack along the main road. There are usually people there to wave you in (by the bus stop) and there may or may not be a sign. It take about 45 minutes to reach Mt. Carmel from campus. Once there, it is about a 15 minute walk down the trail to the falls and you can head back down stream to a second set of falls that you can slide down. There are usually locals there willing to be you guide if you pay them, if you go on your own it is $2EC per person and you pay the guy out waving people in on the street (although I haven't always paid). If you drive too far and go all the way down the steep hill it will put you out at sea-level and you will see boats on the beach and houses on the beach on your right and several speed bumps in the road as you get close to Grenville. Turn around and head back up the steep hill and side street for Mount Carmel will now be on your right. I hope this helps because there isn't really a big production for the entry to Mt. Carmel, but it is a neat spot. Enjoy
-Troy Frensley 

Directions #2
It's a pretty easy drive, take a map if you have one. If you are leaving Lance Aux Epines turn right at the tires round about. I may not be correct in my guesses, but you should be fine. You'll head on that road awhile until you come to a T in the road. There are signs for Grenville and St. George's, take a right to Grenville. Awhilw later you'll come to an odd intersection where you can go straight, turn left, or a U turn. Take the left turn. Along the way, you'll pass some rum distilleries, clark's court and Westerhall, which are fun to visit. You'll also pass La Sageusse, which most SO's love foor the nice beach and restaurant. After the long drive of about 45 min you'll start heading down the mountain and you'll come into a sharp switchback carved into the mountain with a street that branches off the main road that continues down the hill. On the left there is a green sign for Mt. Carmel near the rum shack. You park on the side road and the entrance is a wooden gate next to the on.
-Scott Reber

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